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IBACH—I would like to thank the Linton-HMB Volleyball team and the whole community for their thoughtfulness and generous gift. Helen Ibach. 26-1c

IBACH—Thanks again for the wonderful care given when I was in the hospital; also to my family for being there when needed; to the ambulance, Roger and Lyle, who came so quickly when called. Helen Ibach. 26-1c

I would like to thank the Linton Community for their generosity and willingness to give toward the ‘Coins for Cause’ fundraiser that took place the month of October. 100% of the money raised will stay in the Linton community and go toward the Dolly Parton Imagination Library book gifting program, which promotes early childhood education. Children enrolled in this program from Linton will start receiving brand-new books monthly in the mail. I specifically would like to thank the Linton elementary students, their parents, Mr. Flyberg, Mrs. Jangula and the rest of the elementary staff. I’d also like to thank Mrs. Jennifer Ohlhauser and her pre-school students and parents, along with BNC National Bank, Security State Bank and all those in our community who helped make this fundraiser a huge success. Billie Schumacher. 26-1p

LAWLER—Josh Lawler and his family would like to extend a special thank you to all of those in the area who were able to donate during our recent fundraiser. We appreciate each and every one of the donations and we wish to send our deepest gratitude for your selfless gifts. Our family has been blessed by many generous people, and once again we thank you for your kindness. We wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday season and thank everyone for their prayers and support. Josh Lawler and family. 26-1p

LAWLER—Thanks to all who have generously donated for Josh’s cancer program and to all who purchased straw bales and supported him and his family. Your support is greatly appreciated. Ralph Lawler. 26-1p

WEIGEL—Thank you to everyone for all the cards and phone calls. Special thank you to our family for making my 80th birthday so special. It was very much appreciated. Sam Weigel. 26-1p

HAMILTON—I would like to thank the Linton Hospital for the kind care, skill and love I received of late. It was great! Sincerely, Tom Hamilton. 26-1c

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