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Off the Bookshelf

By Maralee Kalianoff

Angels at the Table

Debbie Macomber is wellknown to her dedicated fans for her uplifting Christmas novels. Several of them have not only been made into movies for television viewing but were also the top-watched movies for the entire year they aired on the Hallmark Channel.You can’t argue with the success of an author who has more than 160 million copies of her books in print worldwide!

Faithful Macomber readers are familiar with her regular Christmas characters, Shirley, Goodness and Mercy, three angels who visit earth periodically to “help” humans. Their means of “helping” often gets them into trouble with head angel, Gabrielle, who tries his best to keep them on the straight and narrow.

In “Angels at the Table,” Macomber’s newest novel expounding the antics of Shirley, Goodness and Mercy, a new apprentice angel is introduced by the name of Will. As Shirley, Goodness and Mercy attempt to “show him the ropes” of his new assignment, they can’t fight the enticement of showing him Earth and the hapless humans who inhabit it.

It’s New Year’s Eve in Times Square New York and Lucie Farrara is alone. She has lost her two friends in the crowd, friends who coaxed her into being in the midst of this madness when she simply wanted to stay at home.

Aren Fairchild, a young man who is new to the city of New York, has become separated from his sister in the mayhem of Times Square as midnight and the dropping of the ball approaches.

And Will, mesmerized by the lights and activity of Times Square, chooses to work a little angelic magic after escaping his mentors by “bumping” Lucie and Aren into each other just as the clock strikes midnight. Sharing a “Happy New Year” kiss in Times Square, the two young people hit it off immediately and spend the next few hours talking over breakfast in a nearby restaurant.

Apprentice Will is instantly in trouble for interfering in human matters, something even angels are not allowed to do. But what can his “little bump” matter? Lucie and Aren seem perfect for each other; how can this be a bad thing?

From such an innocent beginning, Shirley, Goodness, Mercy and Apprentice Will spend a lot of time and entangle themselves in several comical situations trying to “make it right.”

“Angels at the Table” is another great Macomber Holiday Treasure. Stop in at the Harry L. Petrie Library in Linton for the perfect book to enjoy during this holiday season.

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