2013-01-03 / Community News

Strasburg Care Center

By Brenda Compaan

Visiting Dorothy Ryckman were Russell and Elaine Ryckman and Dan, Sandy, Lacey, and Mason Ryckman.

Rose Wald visits with Martin Wald on a regular basis. Also stopping by were Dennis Wald, Laura Baumgartner, Elmer Roehrich, and Franklin Schneider.

Harold Ryckman is here on a regular basis to visit with Mary Ryckman. Also stopping in were Diane Van Boven and Orland Geigle.

Virginia Mitzel is here on a regular basis to visit with her husband, Karl Mitzel.

Clinton Dykema had company to include Diane Van Boven, Carol Jean and Ernie Dykema, Jim Hollaar, Peggy Hasper, Russell Ryckman, Mary Nieuwsma, Irene Biesheuvel, and James and Nicole Dykema.

Stopping in to visit with Freda Kiemele were Bob Tschritter, Della Beck, Matt and Allison Putz, Brennan, Coryn, and Eryn Putz, and Will, Jerilyn, Jerrod, Jayden, and Ty MacDonald.

Stopping in to visit with Rose Weichel was Marlene Baumgartner.

Visiting Lucinda Schneider this past week was Matt Schneider on several occasions. Also stopping by were Ken and Evie Jahner and Mary Ann Gefroh.

Those visiting with Bob Schreiner were Mark Schreiner on several occasions. Also stopping by was Wanda Lovik.

Visiting Irene Baumgartner on a regular basis is Andy Baumgartner. She also had company to include Eddie Kramer Sr., Marlene Baumgartner, Al Dosch, Joe T. Baumgartner, Edna Schwab, and Jackie Beaudet.

Those stopping in to visit with Margaret Baumgartner were Marlene Baumgartner, Joe T. Baumgartner, Edna Schwab, John and Jordan Barth, and Jackie Beaudet.

Minnie Geigle’s company this past week was Irene Biesheuvel, Mary Nieuwsma, Russ and Kristin Schick and family, Orland and Waynette Geigle, Jared and Danlyn Vander Wal, Diana Moser, Shawn Geigle and family, and Martin Ankerson.

Andy Feist’s company this past week was Kathy Lalum, Angie Silbernagel, Nancy Gefroh, Mary Ann Gefroh, Mark Feist, Ernie Dykema, James Tamay, Amber Feist, and Pat and Mary Feist.

Those stopping to visit with Madge Leier were Al Leier on several occasions. Also stopping by were John and Irene Fehr, Joe and Lenora Glasser, Larry Leier, Roberta Baumgartner, and Victor and Barb Wald.

Ellen Tuttle had company this past week to include Roger and Jose Biesheuvel, Mike and John Ballard, Shelly Ballard,

Carol Serr, Connie and Troy Morris, Jasmine Morris, Keanan Morris, Bese Kautz, Les Kautz, Carl Snyder, Jane Conn, Mary Nieuwsma, Irene Biesheuvel, Gary and Nattie Nagel, and Matthew Kautz.

Visiting with Harley and Marion Vander Vorst were Dale Vander Vorst, Mark Vander Vorst, Leanne and Larry Jakobsen and girls, and Vicki Jakobsen.

Those visiting with Eileen Gienger were Leland and Elsie Beck, Cindy Ternes, Peggy Hasper, and Ellen Weisbeck.

Visiting Valerie Heim this past week was Pat Horner on several occasions. Also visiting were Sandy and Haley Horner, and Joe Horner.

Stopping by to visit with Irene Will were Christy Hochhalter, Kayla Hendrickson, Larry, Sharon, and Carmen Will, Deb Hochhalter, Dana Friedt, and Loren Hendrickson.

Visiting with Irene Jahner were Kathy and Mylo Kramer, Rocky Jahner, John and Barb Jahner, Noah and Ian Kramer, and Elmer Rohrich.

Ken and Diana Moser visited with Alvina Pagel.

Eddie Kramer Sr. comes to the nursing home on a regular basis to visit with his wife, Helen, and with many of the other residents.Also stopping in were Kathy Nagel, Sandy Ternes, Gary and Nattie Nagel, Nicoli and Eric Lund, and Tonya Nagel.

Stopping in to visit with James Gefroh this past week were Mary Ann Gefroh, Doug, Carrie, Kaitlyn, Hannah, and Tyler Gefroh, Kayla and Alex Campbell, and Derald Gefroh.

Visiting Alvena Hehn this past week were Michael and Kim Hehn, Marlene Dykema, and Myrna Weber.

Donnie Peterson had lots of company to include Judy Umber on a regular basis, as well as Stacey Knudson, Tori, Terry, and Taylor Madden, Derrick and Kayla Peterson, Teri Vetsch, Paul Van Beek, Trista Bates, Marilyn Voller, Brian Schumacher, Tammy Chewakin, Ann Langeliers, Kenny and Diana Moser, Mary and Harold Ryckman, Laura Baumgartner, Diana Moser, Joe Glasser, Roger Biesheuvel, Judy Reierson, Pastor Floyd Haan, Ronald Ryckman, Jim Berreth, Sandy Ryckman, Dan and Sheila Peterson, Teddie Vander Vorste, Sandi Middleton, Clint Dykema, Arlie and Dewaine Jakobsen, Don Nagel, and Ed Langeliers.

Arlyn and Doris Van Beek stopped in to visit with Dorothy Fuhrer.

Those visiting with Wilma Myers this past week were Rich and Carole Myers, Pat Severson, and Richelle, Danielle, Courtney and Hayley Jangula.

Those visiting with Eugene Malsom this past week were Kathy Malsom-Gustafson, Rick Ness, and Katie Ness.

Cindy Bertsch came to visit with Eugene Rahrich and Barbara Rahrich.

Visiting Martha Heier this past week was Kathy Hoffman.

Kathryn Klein’s company included Lee and Sharon Klein, Ron Klein, and Rosebella Volk.

Those stopping to visit with Julia Kiefer were Lil Kuhn and Joe and Louann Kiefer.

Bernice Kautz’s company this past week were Matt Kautz, Jane Conn, Carl Snyder, Les Kautz, and Sara, William, and Heidi Pazie.

Aaron Wagner and Kevin Wagner stopped by to visit with Lena Wagner.

Ruth Mittleider and Della Beck were here to visit with Bernese Renz and Eileen Gienger.

Visiting Billy DuBois were Keith, Connie, Amber, Bethany, and Seth Fjeldheim.

Beatrice Heer came by to visit with Rudy Beska, Irene Will, and Freda Kiemele.

Harriet Humann was here to visit with Irene Will and Rudy Beska.

Visiting Irene Anderson this past week were Justin, Sheila, and Wesly Seibel, Matt Seibel, Wally and Georgene Seibel, and Waldon, Becky, and Maggie Seibel.

DeLores Masset came by to visit with Perry Masset, Lucinda Schneider, and Rose Glas.

Al Dosch visited with these residents: Clint Dykema, Margaret Baumgartner, Rose Weichel, Bob Schreiner, Albert Kraft, Lucinda Schneider, and Kathryn Klein.

Victoria Schumacher stopped and visited with many of the residents.

Ed Schmidt came to visit with Rudy Beska.

Visiting Perry Masset were Willie and Veronica Masset.

On Thursday morning, the Catholic residents attended Rosary and Mass that was held in the chapel. Following the Mass, lunch was served in the dining room. Thank you to everyone that attended. The ladies were treated to an extra day of feeling good group. The activity staff was busy getting the ladies hair fixed or they did a manicure for them. Everyone wanted to look nice for the residents Christmas party that was to be held in the afternoon. Thank you, activity staff, for always doing such a nice job fixing the ladies up. In the afternoon, the Linton American Legion Auxiliary honored the Veterans that reside in our facility. Richard Naumann read off the names of the Veterans as each one received a big fruit and candy basket from the Legion. Richard thanked each of the Veterans for the time they spent serving our country. Thank you, Linton American Legion, for remembering our Veterans during the holiday season. Following the Veterans recognition, the staff led the singing of several Christmas carols with hopes that the singing was loud enough that Santa Claus would hear it and stop in for a visit. The residents were surprised to see Jolly Old St. Nicholas stop at our party. Santa Claus made his rounds with the residents and then he helped the staff hand out gifts. Santa paused to pose for some pictures with the residents. It was a fun afternoon for everyone. Santa Claus was in a hurry to leave, he said it’s such a busy time of the year for him. Before he left, Santa wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The residents opened their gifts with help from their family and the staff. Thank you to the staff and volunteers for the beautiful gifts they bought for the residents. For lunch, dietary made pistachio Arizona dessert. The dessert was served along with coffee and juice. Thank you, dietary, for a delicious lunch, to the staff for helping at the party, to Winerva Van Heukelom for playing the piano for the singing, to the Linton American Legion Auxiliary for the Veterans baskets, and to all the family members that attended. It was a fun afternoon. There were no evening activities.

Friday morning, the residents attended something new in Bingo and coffee in the dining room. They discussed the Christmas party and visited about the nice gifts they received. The ladies were treated to a manicure in the activity room following SNIB. The December volunteer meeting was held at noon in the activity room. The tables were decorated for Christmas with red tablecloths, green napkins, and Christmas decorations. The volunteers were treated to a delicious meal of porcupine meatballs, layered lettuce salad, cranberries, and ice cream for dessert. The January volunteer schedule was reviewed. Activity director, Marilyn Voller, thanked the volunteers for the time they have donated over the past year and gave each volunteer a gift from the Strasburg Care Center to show their appreciation for their help. Thank you to the volunteers. The residents always appreciate the help. In the afternoon, Carol Jean Dykema led the weekly scripture lesson. This was held in the chapel with a large crowd in attendance. The group sang Christmas carols to start the afternoon, then Carol Jean presented the lesson. For lunch, Mounds bars and a choice of beverage were served. Thank you, Carol Jean.

The Saturday morning activities consisted of coffee and SNIB followed by current events and let’s exercise. The residents gathered in the dining room to have a snack and visit. In the afternoon, the residents practiced bull’s eye toss. Julia Kiefer scored 175 points to earn 1st place,

Perry Masset had 160 points for 2nd, and 3rd place went to Albert Kraft with 145 points. Good job residents. Danish pastries and juice or coffee were served for lunch.

Sunday morning, the Catholic residents watched Mass on the large-screen TV in the activity room. Current events and let’s exercise completed the activities for the morning. The Protestant Church service was held in the chapel Sunday afternoon and was led by Pastor Paul Stout of the Westfield Reformed Church. Thank you, Pastor Stout, for the service. Thank you, Carol Int Veldt, for playing the piano. Ed Turner provided meat, cheese, and crackers for lunch in the dining room following the service. Thank you, Ed, for sharing your treats with everyone. The Sunday resident’s choice activity was not to have anything.

Monday morning, Christmas Eve, Rosary and Mass was held in the chapel with Fr. Leary leading the Mass. Thank you to Kellie Wikenheiser for the special music. Thanks you both again. The residents appreciate having a Mass on Christmas Eve. Lunch was served in the dining room following the service. Current events and let’s exercise completed the morning activities. The resident’s choice activity for the afternoon was cash Bingo. The cash was donated by the family of Margaret Baumgartner. Thank you for the donation. The lucky blackout winners were Rose Weichel and Clint Dykema. Congratulations. Chocolate haystacks and a choice of beverage were served for lunch.

Merry Christmas from all of our staff and residents at the Strasburg Care Center. There were no scheduled activities on Christmas Day. Several residents went out to celebrate Christmas with their families and some families had their Christmas gathering in our facility.

On Wednesday morning, the residents had SNIB and coffee in the dining room. The residents enjoyed hearing what the others did to celebrate Christmas. Feeling good group was held in the activity room. Thank you, activity staff, for fixing the ladies hair so nice and for doing manicures for some of the other ladies. Viola Gefroh read the story and led the discussion for the good neighbor group that was held in the B-wing south solarium. Resident council was held in the activity room in the afternoon. Thank you to the residents for participating in the discussion. For lunch, the activity staff served twists, coffee, and juice. Later, the residents came to the activity room to hear the news from the Emmons County Record and the Prairie Pioneer. Thank you, activity staff, for reading to the residents. In the evening, the residents filled the activity room to enjoy some old-time music that played on the large-screen TV. Their finger and toes were moving to the music.

We want to welcomeAlvin Sauter, our newest resident. Alvin came to our facility from Linton. We look forward to getting to know him better. Welcome.

We want to express our sympathy to Donnie Peterson, Donnie’s son, Doug, passed away recently. We are remembering the Peterson families in our prayers.

Thank You:

To Virginia and Karl Mitzel for the tin of popcorn they donated for the staff to enjoy on their breaks. Virginia said Karl’s family really appreciates the wonderful care the staff gives to Karl. Also, the Mitzel’s gave each of the staff a gift. The staff was encouraged to pick out a gift from a variety of items that Virginia brought from “Celebrating Home.” The staff wishes to thank Virginia for the gift. What a nice way to share your Christmas Spirit.

To the family of Madge Leier for all of the goodies that they brought for the staff. The staff enjoyed the treats. Thanks for remembering the staff in this way.

To Bernice Kautz for the large box of Russell Stovers chocolates that she gave the staff in appreciation for the care she receives in our facility. Thank you, Bernice. The chocolates were delicious.

To Darlene Brandner for the cranberry bundt cake that she brought to treat the staff. The cake was so good. Thanks again, Darlene.

To the family of Margaret Baumgartner for the tray of homemade goodies they brought to the staff break room. The staff enjoyed sampling the treats.

To Bernice Keller, owner of Linton Floral, for donating four poinsettia plants to the facility. They are so festive and add to the Christmas Spirit. We appreciate the donation.

To Brian and Sue Schumacher for the vegetable tray and the meat/cheese tray they brought in to treat the staff. Brian, is our administrator. Thank you, Sue and Brian. We enjoyed the treats.

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