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Good News

from the Emmons County Ministerial Association

Good News! By Rev. Arvin W. Roos Strasburg Reformed Church, Strasburg Good News! By Rev. Arvin W. Roos Strasburg Reformed Church, Strasburg The Sunday School Guide for the month of Dec. 2012, printed the following story about Benjamin Franklin, one of our U.S.A.’s great men of the 18th century. “This story is told of Benjamin Franklin; He wished to interest Philadelphia in street lighting. He didn’t try to persuade people simply by talking about it. Instead he hung a beautiful lantern on a long bracket in front of his home. He kept the glass highly polished and every evening at the approach of dusk he lit it. People saw the light from a distance and soon discovered that it not only guided them but also helped to avoid sharp stones on the pavement. It didn’t take long for others to start placing lights near their homes and soon Philadelphia saw the need for and blessings of street lighting throughout the city!” Fellow Christians you know how often the Bible exhorts us: You are the light of the world. Let your light so shine before men (human kings) that they will see your good works and glorify God.” (not us) but God who is in heaven. (Matthew 5:13-16) for the whole contest).

This account teaches us, exhorts us: We who call ourselves Christians must not only talk about our faith, but spread it by exemplary good deeds (such as deeds of compassion, caring, working to let the light of Christ shine thru us.) For example some of our American people journeyed long distances to areas severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy and helped the people clean up their disaster stricken homes and restore them, at least partially out of the goodness of their hearts. Let Ben Franklin’s example help Christians everywhere in the U.S. to see the need and let Christ’s light shine!

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