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Comfort and Joy
By Maralee Kalianoff

“Comfort and Joy,” a Christmas novel by popular author Kristin Hannah, was written in 2005. I’m unsure as to why this book never captured my attention until now but, upon reading it, I find it isn’t Hannah’s typical style of writing.

The Christmas Season is quickly approaching and Joy Candellaro is anything but joyful.Although Christmas is normally her favorite time of the year, this year she is dreading it. Joy has found herself in an unusual, very painful situation. She is estranged from the only two people she loves; her husband, Thomas, and her sister, Stacey. Unfortunately, Thomas and Stacey are not only in love, but are expecting a child and planning a wedding. Joy, who has always wanted a child, is devastated most by that aspect of her sister’s new relationship.

No doubt, Joy’s situation is a lot to handle. When Christmas break rolls around relieving her of her duties as school librarian, which is the one stable factor in her life, Joy simply gets in her car and heads for the airport. On a whim, she purchases a ticket on a small charter plane which is headed for Hope, British Columbia. Convincing herself she is simply “on an adventure” and not literally running away from the stress/mess that is her life, Joy boards the plane with her purse and camera. As the miles increase between Joy and her home, her stress decreases and she finds herself looking forward to a little “R and R” in Hope.

Those plans are derailed when the plane crashes in the middle of a heavily forested area somewhere in the northwestern part of the United States. What unfolds after the plane crash makes for unusual but enjoyable reading in “Comfort and Joy.”

With a mix of Christmas Magic and Miracles, Kristin Hannah delivers a unique Holiday Season Gift. Was it my favorite Kristin Hannah novel? Nope, not even close. In fact, I had to keep reminding myself she was actually the author. That being said, I still enjoyed the book and its strange plot.

Visit the Harry L. Petrie Library in Linton and select a holiday book to enjoy during the Christmas Season!

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