2013-01-10 / Community News


By Ervine Nold

Victoria Schumacher and John and Kathy Meier went to Mary Meier’s funeral in Linton on Dec. 13. On Dec. 16 Marietta Eberle, Katy Eberle and Victoria Schumacher went to the Hague Cafe for supper then they stopped at Rose Eberles to visit and play cards. On the 20th of December Marietta Eberle took Victoria along to the Strasburg Care Center for visiting as they had Santa Claus Day,that was a fun time. While there Victoria got to visit a lot of friends and was able to wish them a Merry Christmas and good health for the year 2013. On December 21 Victoria’s family came to Hague to celebrate Christmas,also visiting Victoria were Ervine and Barbara Nold. They had a nice supper. On Dec. 22, in the afternoon George and Charlotte Walker, Eraine and Carla Schumacher and Ervine and Barbara Nold opened gifts. George and Charlotte left home for Mandan as they had company coming and Eraine and Carla went to the farm. Victoria went to the 8:00 o’clock Mass. Eraine and Carla also attended Mass. Sunday morning Lucille Hirning stopped at Victoria’s and took her to breakfast at the Hague Cafe, later that day Eraine and Carla stopped at Victoria’s and did some work for her. Visiting Victoria on Monday were Mary Ann Goldade from New York, Gerald Goldade, Bismarck and William Goldade from Fargo. They also attended the Christmas Mass at St. Mary’s. It sure was nice to see them and visit. On Dec. 25, Victoria was invited to Ervine and Barb’s house. She had a nice visit with them and their guests. In the evening Victoria was invited to Scott and Ingrid’s house for supper and they had a house full of people. On Dec. 29, John and Kathy Meier asked Victoria to go with them to Mandan to celebrate Eileen Werlinger’s 50th birthday at the Seven Seas in Mandan. It was a nice party. Victoria met her daughter, Charlotte, and spent the night with her and George. The next morning, George, Charlotte and Victoria went to visit Georgie and Kim and their children and to see their new home. They also stopped at Katie Klein’s apartment and had a nice visit. They stopped at Jackie’s to see her husband and little one before heading for home at 4:30 in the afternoon. The weather was really nice that week. On Dec. 31, Victoria went to the funeral Mass of Alice Heier at St. Mary’s. In the evening guests of Victoria’s were Marietta Eberle, Lucille Hirning and Mary Volk as it was Victoria’s birthday. They played cards and visited. On Sunday they got together at Mary Volk’s and had cake and ice cream as it was Mary’s birthday. Sunday George and Charlotte stopped at Victoria’s and took her to the Hague Cafe for dinner. Ervine and Barb had their daughter, Kathy and son, Triston, and friend, Steve, for Christmas and they opened gifts. They also went to Pierre, S.D., to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Charlotte Buechler had her Christmas dinner on Dec. 22 and guests were,Terry and Lanel Buechler, Levi and Ali,John and Cheryl Salwei, Kaylin, Keith and Debbie Buechler, Tate and Sami Ronnegon, Bob and Cindy Schumacher,Adam, Arlene,Ben,Lucas and Stephanie Meier and friend,Scott, Jay,and Nicole Volke and Lathan, Josh, Clarissa Volk and Carson,Josh, Kristen Rier and Issac and Kevin Buechler.

Denise Schall of Colorado Springs, Colo., spent the Christmas week with her parents, Sally and Victor Schall. Other friends and relatives that came and went were Ed Schall, Eric Schall, Ali Ohlhauser, Alexis Vetsch and Beth Leier. They also received a call from Dennis who is in Japan. He and the family are almost settled and he is working. They left there the day after Thanksgiving.

The City of Hague would like to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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