2013-01-10 / Community News


By Christine Nieuwsma

(Last Week)

Bill Bosch Jr. came home from Fargo and spent Christmas with his parents, Bill and Mae Bosch. Bill and Mae spent Christmas Eve at Laura and Don Eberle’s out at the farm. Laura and Don’s daughter Kristen and husband Sean and daughter Jay Eberle came home to spend part of the holiday with their parents as well.

While a winter storm delayed travel to the central plains before Christmas, and to other areas afterward, here in Strasburg the weather has been pretty calm, but cold, even below zero in the evenings.

The Strasburg Senior Citizens held their monthly meeting and dinner on December 18 with Bingo after the meeting. Twenty four members were present. Those honored for their December birthdays were John Schneider, Irene Heidrich, and Kathryn Selzler. The cooks were Jan Mattern and Irene Roehrich.

Clinton and Darlene Kost of Herreid, S.D., were coffee and supper guests of Delma Dyk on Christmas Day. On Saturday after Christmas, she had dinner and supper with Clinton and Darlene. Others present were Derek and Jessica Sumption and Grace and Lilly of Aberdeen and John and Ivy Kost who all had Christmas there.

Margaret Geigle went up to Bismarck on Dec. 21 and came home on Saturday, Dec. 29. She was able to visit with all of her daughters and their families there, with each one taking a turn cooking a meal for the others each night. Her daughter, Carol Taylor, from Orange, Calif., made it home for a visit, and she also visited with Shirley, Elaine, and Violet. They had a wonderful Christmas together.

Sarah and Roy Brooks, Niema, Zachery, and Zoe came to visit her parents, Ray and Chris Nieuwsma on Christmas Eve and returned to Flasher on Christmas Day evening. Darin Nieuwsma, of Minot, also came on Christmas Eve and returned to Minot on Thursday after Christmas. Jill and Benjamin Scheirer, Aaron, and Annelie came to visit her parents on Sunday, Dec. 30, and returned to Bismarck on Monday afternoon, New Year’s Eve. Chris returned to her apartment in Mandan on New Year’s Day, as school began again on Jan. 2.

Many of the Nieuwsmas got together in the church basement on Christmas Day. Ed and Anne Nieuwsma, Strasburg, Brian, Shannon, and Bryce Nieuwsma of Flasher, and Derek Nieuwsma, Minn., were there, as were Ray and Chris Nieuwsma, Sarah and Roy Brooks and family and Darin Nieuwsma. The Rev. Russ and Jan Melby ofAmes, Iowa, were there, as were the Rev. Arvin and Augusta Roos. Each one brought some delicious food to share. In the evening, several of them gathered at the former Peter and Johanna Nieuwsma home, now owned by Johanna’s brother, Donald Nicolay of Arizona.

Ray and Chris had a surprise visitor on New Year’s Eve day, June Van Farowe, of Michigan. They were happy to welcome her to share lunch with them and with Jill and Ben Scheirer and family, who were also visiting. She had accompanied her son and grandsons out here for some pheasant hunting. She was also visiting others in the area while they were here for a few days.

June Van Farowe also stopped in for coffee at the home of Arlin and Carol Int Veldt on Monday, NewYear’s Eve. She and her family left for Michigan on New Year’s Day.

Adrian and Lori Int Veldt, Tanner and Austin were guests of his parents Arlin and Carol Int Veldt for a Christmas gathering on Saturday, along with Tiffany from Bismarck. Brian and Shelly Bauske of Mandan and Kayla of Fargo also joined them for dinner.

Lydia Roehrich and most of her children and grandchildren met in Fargo on Dec. 21 where her family had their Christmas celebration at a hotel. The next day she drove along with her daughter Jane and granddaughter Amanda to Minneapolis, Minn. The first night in Fargo she visited with her oldest son Don. She made a big bowl of German potato salad which they all liked and had for Christmas. The next day she drove along with her daughter Jane and granddaughter Amanda to Minneapolis. She visited five children with every day a special day with food, visiting, and cards. She was by Jane’s, Jerry’s, Cleo’s, Chuck’s, and Laura’s and spent a day and night with all of them. Everything went real good. The weather and roads were good and she stayed healthy. She’s thankful for each one of her 13 children. Jane took her halfway home and her daughter Marilyn and daughter-in-law Lori of Ernie met them and took Lydia the rest of the way home to Strasburg. She returned home on Sunday, the 30th.

With Christmas behind us, some of our residents have left for their snowbird homes. Enjoy your time away and save some good weather for us!

“Treasure the Smiles, Good Times, and Memories, leave behind the Disappointments, Hard Times, and Enemies, hold on to Faith, Hope, and Beliefs, and may your New Year be filled with Love, Joy, and Peace.” Jennifer Gayle. Happy New Year to all our readers!

(This Week)

So far the weather in January hasn’t been too bad, a little chilly, but could be a whole lot worse. We had 22 degrees with a little sun peeking through on Sunday.

The clinic and nursing home are said to have been busy treating people sick with either the stomach flu or the respiratory flu and other ailments. Hopefully people will start feeling better again soon!

Alan and Theresa Hummel and son Evan of Ft. Collins, Colo., were here visiting his mom, Ella Eckroth, between Christmas and New Year’s.

Many students have been busy with basketball practice and traveling to games. College students are either returning to campus or soon will be.

“The one who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it.” Woodrow Wilson.

“A person’s most useful asset is not the head full of knowledge, but a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen, and a hand willing to help.” Unknown. Have a good week!

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