2013-01-10 / Community News


By Twylah Hollaar

On Christmas Day, Tony and Karen Esposito, Matthew and Emily of Gorham, Maine arrived at the home of Mark and Jean Hollaar and boys and Greg and Lisa Hollaar and Ryan were also guests there. On Wednesday evening, Tony, Karen and Matt and Sam and Pam Enger of Marion were supper guests of Kevin and Carol Hollaar at their home in Jamestown. On Wednesday night, Tony, Karen and Matt arrived at the home of Eldon and Twylah Hollaar. On Friday, Eldon and Twylah and Tony and Karen went to Bismarck and Judy Van Beek joined them for dinner at Applebee’s.

On Saturday, Kevin and Carol, Tony and Karen, Matt and Emily, Mark and Jean and boys were belated Christmas supper guests at the home of Eldon and Twylah Hollaar. Kevin and Carol returned home Sunday evening.

Monday morning, Tony and Karen Esposito, Matt and Emily left for Sioux Falls, S.D. Mark and Jean Hollaar and boys returned to Fargo that afternoon. The Esposito’s visited Greg and Lisa Hollaar and family. Roger and Wanda Larson and Tiffany, Wade and Deb Backman and boys, McChyne and Judy Rall all of Sioux Falls. Esposito’s arrived safely back home Thursday evening having good weather and roads.

Sincere sympathy to the family, relatives and friends of Lloyd Van Boven who passed away on December 30 at the age of 92 at the Lynden Care Center.

Alan Larson had National Guard duty in Mobridge, S.D., on Saturday. His fiancee, Jackie, came to Pollock, S.D., to visit Irma Larson and Eldon and Twylah Hollaar. They returned to Norfolk, Neb. on Sunday.

New Years Day, members of Judy Van Beek’s family attended the church service and gathered for their family dinner in the church basement.

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