2013-01-17 / Columns

Back In Time


Rural Water system is on hold for now. BCIAgent Link explains meth danger to over 100 Emmons County people. Linton Hospital Employee Developing Council announced employees at Linton Hospital have exceeded original fundraising goal of $25,000.


Farmer Union Cooperative of Linton hires new manager, Jeff Gross, formerly of Wing. Harold and Margery Dykema own land homesteaded in 1885; the Dykema Dairy Farm is run in partnership with sons, Arlan and Gary Dykema. New post office opens in Braddock and the postmistress is Joan Schmidt.


Minus 38° temperature here is coldest in almost 12 years. Livestock Man of the Year title is won by swine breeder Jacob J. Weber of rural Linton. Linton Peace Lutheran Church gets new pastor, the Rev. Alton Zenker of Flasher.


Moderating temps in Linton area brings more snow. Westfield territory receives 12 inches of snow. Gov. Wm.Langer lifts tax ban, leaves way open to collect from those able to pay.

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