2013-01-17 / Columns

North Dakota House Report

By Rep. William E. Kretschmar

In accordance with the Constitution of the State of North Dakota the Legislative Assembly must convey for its regular session on the first Tuesday after the third day of January in each odd numbered year. This year that first day fell on January 8th.

The legislative assembly may meet for 80 legislative days during each two-year period, and those days need not be consecutive. Traditionally, the Legislative Assembly meets in its regular session for most of those 80 days.

This year the State of North Dakota does have a good surplus of funds, but there are many needs that must be paid.

North Dakota is obligated to provide for the education of all of its students from kindergarten through higher education.

Highways and roads must be constructed and repaired, and much assistance must be provided in North Dakota’s oil counties, but the other counties must be given assistance also.

The Legislative Assembly must provide for Medicaid for our elderly and disabled citizens, too.

You may contact any legislator by use of a toll free number which is 1-888-635-3447.

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