2013-01-24 / Columns

Back In Time


Anita Ibach was elected as Emmons County’s new county recorder in November. The Quencher, Hague’s new bar, is the newest gathering place. Cenex is now selling biodiesel fuel. Wolf’s Farm Equipment has been awarded the coveted 2002 President’s Prestige Award by New Holland.


Linton police officer, David Patterson, resigned. The Felix and Katie Wald farm at Strasburg was homesteaded in 1887 and qualified as a North Dakota Centennial farm.


Linton Hospital Committee announced the last of the $60,000 bonds issued to finance construction of the hospital have been retired. Bitter cold wave grips entire area but some relief seen. Hi-Way Grocery: Sugar 10 lbs. 98¢; Pumpkin 10¢; Fresh fryers lb. 29¢.


Emmons County leads other counties in number of reservoirs; 715 dams were built. Fourteen inches of moisture fell in 1937; dry spring and cutworms were main cause of poor crop yields. County lists over 1,000 descriptions of real estate up for tax deeds.

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