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What’s up with Michael

By Sierra Rath

Michael Mastel Michael Mastel Recently,Ivisitedwith2010 Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock High School graduate Michael Mastel to catch up on his life and what he has been up to.

After graduating in Hazelton, Michael went to Rasmussen College and completed an associate’s degree in multi-media. While he was still in college, he got an internship with KAT Communications. After earning his degree at Rasmussen, he continued working with KAT Communications, which is an advertising agency. They do everything from designing websites and posters, to doing the video and graphic work for commercials and television ads.

Some of the recent ads that Michael has worked on were for Kupper Automotive and North Dakota Career and Technical Education. He mostly works on graphics, but enjoys his work because it is different. He also does video work, designing and editing.

Every project Michael works on presents a new challenge or obstacle, and the mystery of it is what keeps his job exciting. The two things that Michael says help him with his job is that he is both a problem-solver and a very stubborn person.

He has wanted to be in multi-media and began working with technology while he was still in high school. Michael recalled a year in high school that he was not allowed in the H-M-B computer lab, after overriding a computer code and accidentally sending a message to every school administrator.

Throughout his years in college and working for KAT communications, he continues his education by constantly learning and keeping up with new technology and programs.

Michael said that knowing that he is making his dad and family proud has helped him through the challenging times.

“I am reaching to the top to help my family and having goals always helps,” Michael said.

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