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By Edward F. Keller, D.D.S.
1732 Golf Drive Bismarck, ND 58503

Linton Dentists

When I was a little boy in the 1930s my dentist was Dr. Edwin Mork, in Linton. “This you will feel just a little bit,” he’d mumble through his cigarette-holding lips, as he turned my mouth into stone with the syringe needle he drew from a nearby jar. His eyes blinked away the curls of rising smoke from his “round and firm and fully packed and easy to draw” tailor made cigarette. (Elite town men smoked boughten cigarettes, while country men rolled their smokes with Bull Durham or Velvet tobacco). Dr. Mork was a nice, kind and soft spoken man. He had a wide head with a clean-shaven tapering face. His fingers smelled and tasted like a mixture of cigarette smoke and soap.

Dr. Edwin was a native of Granite Falls, Minn. After he attended Mankato Minnesota Commercial College he first came to Lemmon, S.D.,as a banker. There he met and married a teacher, Hattie McCulley, from Linton. He then attended Indiana University School of Dentistry, graduated from there in 1928 and moved to his wife’s home town of Linton. He took over the office of retiring Dr. Smith and after Dr. Galbreath’s departure was the only dentist in Linton until he was joined by Strasburg native, Dr. Clarence Rodenburg in 1950. After Dr. Rodenburg retired, present Linton dentist, Dr. Scott Schaar took over. Scott is a Scranton native whom I met as he was going to Dickinson State University. I encouraged him to be a dentist in those late 1960s… which he became and even settled in my old home area. Scott has been just great for Linton and the surrounding area.

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