2013-01-31 / Community News


By Mrs. Andy Schmidt

(Last Week)

Joe C. and Barbara Leier, Lugard Leier, Donna Aune and Andy and Joan Schmidt went to Napoleon on Sunday evening for the NBA supper and fun night.

Ralph Miller conducted the business meeting when the Braddock Lion’s Club met for their January dinner meeting on Thursday evening. Derrick Appert was a guest and joined the club. Ten members answered roll call. Ladies night is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 21.

DonnaAune, Lugard Leier and Andy and Joan Schmidt went to Linton on Wednesday for the Cabin Fever Days, sponsored by the Senior Citizens. Jim Schmidt and Angela Jangula of Hazelton also attended.

The South Central Threshers will hold a Mountain Oyster fry at Miss Kitties on Saturday, Feb. 23.

There is no peace without justice and no justice without forgiveness.

(This Week)

Correction:IntheBraddock news a couple of weeks ago, the item was about Hilda Mock and some of her siblings attending a funeral for their uncle Magnus Unser and I had given him the name of Magnus Silvernagel. Sorry.

Roxanne Von Zommeren and her daughters and Tanya Hammer all of Bismarck spent a few days with John and Lucille Hammer.

Andy and Joan Schmidt had supper with Lugard Leier last Sunday.

Grief is like a long valley, where an end may reveal a totally new landscape.

How about sharing some news items? My phone number is 701-332-6776.

Have a good week.

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