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Linton School will implement ‘Code Red’ plan

During its regular meeting on Jan. 21, the Linton School Board discussed plans for a school lockdown, or Code Red, in case of an emergency.

Linton School Superintendent Alan Bjornson told the board that he and Linton Elementary Principal Brian Flyberg, and superintendents from other county schools recently met with Emmons County Sheriff Gary Sanders and other emergency officials to discuss emergency procedures in the school in light of recent violence in schools across the country.

Bjornson said a plan has been implemented that would include having class room doors locked while students are attending class in the high school and elementary buildings. Classrooms in the Linton Middle School do not have doors, but Principal Flyberg said a plan is in place to direct students to enclosed rooms within the building in case of an emergency. He said there are at least four rooms in the middle school that have doors that can be secured.

Flyberg added that the new intercom system is currently being updated to include two high school hallway speakers, which will enable the system to reach every room and hallway in the elementary, middle and high school buildings. Flyberg said students will rehearse a lockdown situation, and will do a rehearsed Code Red drill, which will include law enforcement personnel. Flyberg said another “surprise” Code Red drill will be performed later this spring.

Other Business

• Elementary Principal Flyberg gave his report, and upcoming events include Emmons County MATHCOUNTS (Feb. 5) and Emmons County Spelling Bee (Feb. 12), which will be held at the Emmons County Memorial Auditorium.

Flyberg said kindergarten pre-registration was held, and 16 students registered for the 2013-14 term.

Flyberg gave an update on projects that are completed or underway. He said the Middle School Student Council completed a project in which three signs were placed within the school to mark the elementary gym, high school, and multi-purpose room, as well as two lion head emblems. He said the signs were made by students in Linton High School Tech Coordinator Bruce Hase’s class.

Flyberg said the graduation composite project is underway, and the black and white composites from 1928-65 have been taken to the North Dakota Historical Society to be scanned and placed in folders. The color composites (1971, 1974-present) will remain on the wall in the multi-purpose room. Flyberg said the project is scheduled to be completed by March.

• Superintendent Alan Bjornson gave his report. He said an agreement has been made to co-op drivers education with Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock School. Dan Carr is the instructor for the drivers ed. program.

Bjornson said he and Principal Flyberg will attend a Principals Leadership Series meeting at Webo’s Restaurant on Feb. 11. The meeting will emphasize teacher observation.

Bjornson discussed current and future projects in the high school. He said the tables in the high school library were refinished by Mike Wickenheiser. The alternative would have been to replace the tables, which would have cost about $6,000. Bjornson informed the board that the district may need to replace two stoves in the school cafeteria. Bjornson said the stoves contain old wires that need to be repaired frequently, and there will be a point where the wires will no longer be able to be repaired. He said it would cost about $15,000 to replace the two stoves, and the board will discuss the matter before finalizing its 2014 budget.

Bjornson told the board he will be attending the North DakotaAssociation of School Administrators Conference, Jan. 27-29, in Bismarck.

• While reviewing the activities report, board member Pat Huber asked what kind of fund-raisers were planned for students who may qualify for the National FCCLA or FBLA Conferences this summer.

Linton FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders ofAmerica)Advisor Jackie Wald was present at the meeting, and she said that students who qualify for the National FCCLA Conference and wish to attend will be responsible for raising funds on their own. Wald said there are too many organizations within the school conducting fund-raisers, and there are too many students involved to generate enough funding to justify holding fund-raisers for a few individual qualifiers.

Wald said she will not know how many students qualify for the National Conference until the District and State FCCLA Conferences are held (March and April), but she has informed the students that if they qualify for the National Conference, they will be responsible for raising their own funds.

• Learned that the North Dakota School Boards Association is holding a Negotiations Seminar, Feb. 7-9, at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel in Bismarck.

• Heard from Linton Education Association representative Jackie Wald, who said funds raised at a recent denim day at the school will be donated to the Friends of the Harry L. Petrie Library. Wald also told the board that the LEA will sponsor its annual Acalympics competition at Linton High School on April 2.

• Unanimously approved a tuition agreement with Strasburg Public School for Holly Johnson. Board member JoAnn Humann made a motion to approve the tuition agreement, with a second by board member Tiffany Heer.

• Discussed an evaluation for Superintendent Bjornson. The evaluation must be completed by March 15, so the board will complete the evaluation by its next meeting.

• Scheduled the next regular meeting for Wednesday, Feb. 20, at 5 p.m.

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