2013-02-07 / Ag News

Sustainable Ag Conference has record producer turnout

Northern Plains Sustainable Ag Society (NPSAS) recently held their annual winter conference in Aberdeen, S.D., and was pleased to see a record number of attendees.

The annual event included organic and locally grown meals, trade show vendors, educational breakout sessions and nationally-renowned keynote speakers. Many sessions were filled to capacity with standing room only.

The conference provided an opportunity for organic farmers and processors to network, keep up-to-date on the latest information, research and technology as well as provide an opportune place to showcase their products.

“This conference attracts more people every year, and this year we were pleased to see record numbers walk through the door,” NPSAS Executive Director Karri Stroh said. “We make it worthwhile for everyone who is attending. We had educational tracts for producers, ranchers and consumers, as well as the marketer. People told us they love the education at the conference, but they also like seeing old friends and meeting new people.”

First time conference attendee, Kathryn Draeger, recently blogged, “What I love about these farmers, and is different from other farming conferences I’ve been to, is that they thrive on being creative, innovative, poetic and spiritual.”

An encouraging sign for the future of sustainability were the number of children present at the conference. Kathryn posted, “You should see the smile and joy that come when our kids, from toddlers to teens, put on a show for us singing and marching and then ending with the call out: ‘Sustainability for the Future! We are the Future!’ These talented and unselfconscious kids stand up before us with a confidence based on scooping up chickens in their arms, milking cows, driving tractors, and in general being a needed and helpful part of running a family farm.”

Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society promotes sustainable food systems through education, research and advocacy. To learn more about NPSAS, visit www.npsas.org.

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