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Sheriff Sanders hires two new deputies

By Terri Lang

Deputy Sheriff Scott Nordquist brings experience working with juveniles to the Emmons County Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Sheriff Scott Nordquist brings experience working with juveniles to the Emmons County Sheriff’s Office. After many years of having their own police department, the Linton City Council decided it was in the community’s best interest to enter into a contract with the Emmons County Sheriff’s Office to provide law enforcement services to the City of Linton.

Emmons County Sheriff Gary Sanders said it is beneficial to the City and its residents as it is more economical to contract the services. The City pays the Emmons County Sheriff’s Office $88,500 per year, which is less than paying for staffing their own police department.

Sanders said that in addition to receiving law enforcement services, the City of Linton will be relieved of civil liability issues and will no longer need to address management issues as they have in years past.

Following the resignation of the Linton police chief this past summer, negotiations began between the City and the Sheriff to enter into a full-time police contract. Previously, the Sheriff’s Office had a part-time contract which provided services when their police chief was on his designated days off.

Deputy Sheriff Chris Hulm said he is not an office person and prefers to be out in the field. Deputy Sheriff Chris Hulm said he is not an office person and prefers to be out in the field. The new full-time contract specifies that the Emmons County Sheriff ’s Office must provide 24/7 coverage and services, in addition to providing an overall average of 50 hours per week of law enforcement services and/or patrol within the city.

As crimes and workload have been increasing, it was decided to hire two deputies to ensure that the city’s and county’s law enforcement needs are properly met.

Deputy Chris Hulm

Deputy Chris Hulm joined the Emmons County Sheriff's Office on Jan. 1, 2013.

Hulm said he is bringing his roots back to Emmons County. His father’s relatives are from Hague, and his mother’s parents are from Ashley. His father, Gary Hulm, is deceased, and his mother, Pat, lives in Bismarck. His grandparents were Mike and Della Hulm. Mike was the brother of Joe Hulm, who farmed near Hague.

Hulm was born and raised in Bismarck and has one sister, who passed away five years ago, one stepbrother and one stepsister. He is a 2004 graduate of Century High School. He attended Bismarck State College (BSC) for two years, majoring in criminal justice.

He enlisted with the North DakotaArmy National Guard in July of 2007, and is a Specialist E4 with the 957th Engineer Multi-River Bridge Company Unit in Bismarck.

Hulm brings over six years of correctional experience including two and one-half years with the North Dakota State Penitentiary, two years at the Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department, one year with the McLean County Sheriff’s Department as a jailer/dispatcher and a year at the Bismarck Transition Center.

He attended the Police Academy at Lake Region State College in Devils Lake and graduated on Dec. 13, 2012.

Hulm said in his senior year in high school and into college, he took every criminal justice course that he could as he knew that was the field he would be entering. He is enjoying his position and is looking forward to serving and getting out in the community.

“I am truly honored to be able to serve for the City of Linton and the Emmons County Sheriff’s Office,” Hulm said.

Hulm’s goals are to get more involved with the youth in the county and become a role model, for not only the youth, but adults as well.

“My job is not just to arrest people and pull people over,” Hulm said. “My job is to make sure the City of Linton and Emmons County are safe places to live and raise a family. I will do my best to accomplish that.”

Hulm said it already has been a great experience and the staff has welcomed him with open arms.

“The staff has been very patient in training me and educating me about the county and the department,” Hulm said.

Hulm is married and has a two-year old daughter. The Hulms are in the process of selling their home in Lincoln and plan to move to Linton after they locate a place to purchase as he is currently renting a home in Linton.

Deputy Scott Nordquist

Deputy Scott Nordquist spotted the Emmons County Deputy Sheriff vacancy on the North Dakota Job Service site, and after doing some research on Emmons County, he liked what he found and came on board Jan. 1, 2013.

“Linton is a town comparable to where I did my internship, and I really liked it there,” Nordquist said.

Nordquist did his internship at the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office in Bagley, Minn., from January through March of 2012.

Nordquist grew up in Bemidji, Minn., and his parents still reside there. He has two sisters and one brother.

While attending his senior year at Bemidji High School in 2006, Nordquist enlisted in the MinnesotaArmy National Guard, where he served six years in Delta Company 134 BSB.

After graduating from high school in 2007, Nordquist attended Bemidji State University and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in law enforcement in May of 2012. While attending college, he worked at Northwest Minnesota Juvenile Center for four and one-half years. In May of 2012, he enrolled in the Minnesota Skills/Police Academy in Hibbing, Minn., and completed his training in July of 2012.

Nordquist said being in law enforcement has been his goal for as long as he can remember. He did everything he could to gain experience in preparing him for his career in law enforcement and criminal justice.

“In addition to my college degree and training at the police academy, I believe my experience working with juveniles and my training through the military, has prepared me for my Deputy Sheriff position here in Emmons County,” Nordquist said.

Learning about his job and about the area, along with understanding the polices, are Nordquist’s goals for the next few months. He said that everybody has been very helpful to him in doing so.

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