2013-02-07 / Top News

N.D. State Library debuts Credo Reference Database

The North Dakota State Library has announced a strategic partnership with Credo Reference to improve digital and information literacy for all citizens of the state. The Credo Reference database is an online reference solution for librarians, educators, and learners of all ages.

The Credo collection contains more than 530 authoritative titles, which stand in contrast to the abundant, but not always reliable, information that is so prevalent on the Internet. To help users discover trustworthy information, the Credo Reference database provides users with a single-search format that is both intuitive and engaging.

The database includes more than three million fulltext articles and over 300,000 images, videos and audio files to enhance research.

In a recently published case study at Columbia University 87 percent of students said Credo Reference improved the quality of their work.

“With this new service, North Dakota libraries are providing access to a wealth of trusted resources,” Hulen E. Bivins, State Librarian, said. “By utilizing the Credo Reference Collection and Literati discovery tool, librarians and educators will be better equipped to teach skills all people need to succeed in today’s world—the ability to find and evaluate information.”

Credo Reference services may be accessed using the search box on the North Dakota State Library website at www.library.nd.gov.

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