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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

(Information for this letter comes from a Virginia website.)

Heavy trucks obviously cause more road damage than cars but how much more?According to a U.S. Government Accounting Office study, Excessive Truck Weight: An Expensive Burden We Can No Longer Afford, road damage from one 18-wheeler is equivalent to 9,600 cars.

The study assumed a fully loaded tractor-trailer at 80,000 pounds and a typical passenger car at 4,000 pounds. That’s 20 times difference in weight, but the wear and tear caused by the truck is exponentially greater.

Food for thought: a bicycle and rider at 200 pounds is the same 20 times less heavy than a 4,000 pound passenger car. Similarly, the wear and tear caused by that bike and rider would be exponentially less than a passenger car’s.

Virginia has already figured out that it’s cheaper to move trucks off our highways and onto trains than to support those trucks on our roads. Let’s also think about getting motorists out of their cars. Wide shoulders, wide outer lanes and bike lanes and off-road paths and trails for bicyclists may seem like extra expense, but they’re cheaper than supporting the car trips they can eliminate.

Kenny Brendel
Linton, N.D.

Dear Editor:

Keep up the good work, I’ve been away from Linton for 40 some years,but still look forward to receiving the Emmons County Record on Wednesday.

Carol Serr
Bismarck, N.D.

Dear Editor:

You have a great paper and do a great job with it.

I do really enjoy the Ministerial Association article. The Rev. Henkelmann, pastor of the Peace Lutheran Church does a super, great job.

I am not Lutheran but the message of the gospel is for all of us. I do look forward to reading it every week.

Ervin & Yvonne Kiemele Mesa, Ariz. Dear Editor:

I really enjoy reading the Emmons County Record. It’s like getting a letter from home every week.

I especially enjoy reading News & Reviews by my uncle, Ed Keller.

Frank Hagel
Mayer, Minn.

Dear Editor:

I know many people in the counties you serve and am always interested in their well being. Thank you to the Emmons County Record.

Leo Gefroh

Bismarck, N.D.

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