2013-02-14 / Top News

Fong: e-file system available

Tax Commissioner Cory Fong has announced that the IRS and state e-file systems are now available for taxpayers to file their federal and state income tax returns.

“Even though taxpayers can file their returns electronically or on paper,” Fong said, “we encourage taxpayers to take advantage of the different electronic filing options this year.”

In North Dakota, taxpayers can file their state return electronically by:

• Using a personal computer with an Internet connection to access one of the online services listed on the North Dakota Tax Department’s web site, www.nd.gov/tax. The Tax Department offers taxpayers who meet certain eligibility conditions the opportunity to e-file free of charge. Taxpayers who do not meet those eligibility requirements can e-file through companies that charge a fee, ranging from about $8 on up.

Taxpayers may also e-file by:

• Purchasing and using one of the tax preparation software products available in retail stores locally;

• Having a professional tax preparer file electronically for them, or,

• Using the Tax Department stand-alone Free Fillable Forms to file their North Dakota income tax return.

“E-file makes the process much easier than filing a paper return,” Fong said. “Not only is e-file convenient, secure, and easy to use, it reduces errors and speeds processing. Taxpayers also benefit from faster refunds and the added convenience of direct deposit.”

Processing delays can result when data is missing or entered incorrectly. Electronic filing sends the data directly to the processing system, which avoids any potential keying errors that can occur under the conventional processing of paper returns.

For more information regarding electronic filing options, taxpayers are encouraged to visit the North Dakota Tax Department’s web site at www.nd.gov/ tax, refer to their 2012 state income tax booklet, or call (701) 328-7088.

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