2013-02-21 / Community News


By Beverly Patterson beverlypatterson555@yahoo.com

I would first like to apologize for not producing any news for you last week. I did receive a list of names of people that I might try to contact but decided to take a somewhat different approach.

As I sat, peering through the phone book at your numbers, I wasn’t able to talk myself into calling you at this point for fear I would appear to be as exciting to talk to as a telemarketer. We do have some things in common. We both want to know more about you, but instead of me wanting your money, I want to know what you’ve been up to. Some may find that even more difficult than giving up cash.

I decided to offer you a bit of a challenge. I am going to ask for your help, and we’ll see what happens. I would like to hear from two or three people by this Friday with some news from Hazelton, and if I do I will not only print those happenings but I will also call two or three people from my list. I have always been a team player and I believe together, we can make this work! I will not only print your news but each week I will share some thoughts for you to ponder as well.

This week I’m offering a quote about pessimism. I thought it might be somewhat appropriate as winter can tend to drain our enthusiasm and zest for life just a bit. A pessimist is one who feels bad when he feels good for fear he’ll feel worse when he feels better. I see some truth in that but for the most part, I am quite optimistic.

I’m available for contact several different ways. There’s email: beverlypatterson555@yahoo.com, there’s phone: 605-294-5874 and there’s cell phone: 701-680- 7255. I can also be reached by mail, and the address is: 724 6th Ave, Claremont SD 57432.

Have a wonderful week, and show me your news producing and news sharing abilities Hazelton and I’ll show you how much I love to present it to your community!

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