2013-02-21 / Community News


By Christine Nieuwsma

We have had a wonderful, balmy for North Dakota, weekend with temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. More residents were venturing out of their houses to take walks before the weather changes again this coming week. Blustery weather is possible on Monday, Presidents’ Day, with 1-3 inches of snow and 30-40 mph winds expected in parts of the state, possibly including Emmons County.

Lydia Roehrich’s weekend was very busy. Her daughter, Aldora, flew in from Washington on Wednesday, the 6th of February. Her sister, Marilyn Kelsch from Bismarck, picked her up from the airport and took her to Strasburg. Her daughter, Cleo Martin, drove in from Minneapolis, Minn. They all stayed overnight. Thursday was a busy day visiting and doing all kinds of work. Thursday evening another daughter, Karen Hager, came from Linton and was here for supper. The next day the girls made lots of egg noodles to freeze. Marilyn helped cut up egg noodles, then went home. Then they ate. Aldora drove to Linton to see some of her old friends. Cleo and Lydia drove to Linton to visit her mother-in-law, Mary Martin. Another son from Fargo, Don Roehrich, was here for supper. Another daughter, Annette Weigel, came from Bismarck. Karen came down for supper on the 8th. For the first time in a long time all the beds were full.

Sunday was another busy day for Lydia. Her brother, Oscar Ternes, celebrated his 90th birthday. After church they all went to the cafe and sang “Happy Birthday.” The girls took lots of pictures of Lydia, Edwin, and Oscar. In the afternoon, Edwin came over and they played a lot of good card games.

On Monday, Feb. 11, Lydia’s son Ernie came from Bismarck. He took Cleo and Aldora out to his farm to see where they grew up. Ernie stayed overnight and they played cards.

Gerry Kelsch came down from Bismarck for a visit.

On Tuesday, Lydia’s house got empty. Cleo went home to Minneapolis and Ernie took Aldora to the airport where she flew back to Washington.

Lydia had a very busy week, but enjoyed all the children and the visitors who stopped in.

Ray Nieuwsma went to Fargo for an ag statistics meetings last week, leaving on Monday and returning on Thursday.

Chris Nieuwsma met Jill and Ben Scheirer and family at Trinity Lutheran Church in Bismarck for a chili cookoff supper followed by the Ash Wednesday service. She also visited with Sarah Brooks and children in Carson on Thursday evening.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” Mother Teresa.

Have a good week!

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