2013-02-21 / Top News

Funds to feed hungry raised

North Dakota was the top site for collecting donations to benefit Feeding America as part of the challenge from National Farmers Union and the Howard G. Buffet Foundation.

“North Dakota was the top fundraiser and this money will come back to North Dakota. Our fundraising efforts were successful in large part to our campers, our Jeans Days contributions, the Board of Directors, members, North Dakota Farmers Union Insurance companies and the match from the NDFU Foundation,” North Dakota Farmers Union President Elwood “Woody” Barth said.

National Farmers Union issued a challenge two years in a row for Farmers Union members throughout the country to meet a $50,000 matching pledge made by the Howard G. Buffet Foundation. This is the second year to reach the goal.

NFU President Roger Johnson explained, “All member-driven donations go to food banks that serve hungry people in their communities. Feeding America’s more than 200 member food banks serve 61,000 agencies across the United States that addresses hunger through emergency food assistance and programs. Through Buffet’s challenge, every dollar donated helps provide $17 worth of food and groceries to Americans in need. With the Buffett Foundation’s matching grant, NFU members will see that number double to $34. Farmers Union members reached the goal set of $50,000 and it will now provide $1.7 million worth of food.”

North Dakota Farmers Union was an active participant during the last two years. Money was raised from a variety of sources including donations from Farmers Union Enterprises, the summer camp co-op store, board members, Farmers Union Foundation, agents, members and employees.

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