2013-02-28 / Community News


By Mrs. Andy Schmidt

(Last Week)

Weekend visitors at the Pete and Mary Ellen Naaden home were their son-in-law and daughter, Jay and Marlys Fisher of Minot.

Andy and Joan Schmidt joined other friends and family of James Schmidt of Hazelton at the Linton Senior Center to wish him a Happy Birthday last Saturday.

Bob and Lori catered a special Valentine’s supper for mom, Lugard Leier, on Thursday evening.

The Braddock Lion’s Club held their February dinner meeting at the Community Hall on Thursday, Feb. 21 with the spouses as guests.

Pius Sr. and Richard Hager of Denver, Colo., have been visiting many relatives and friends in the area.

You life is an occasion— rise to it!

(This Week)

Bud and Loretta Reamann recently returned from a 15 day trip to the Hawaiian Islands, which included the islands of Kauai, Oahu, Maui, and the big island of Hawaii. They had a great time and the weather and scenery were beautiful.

Lugard Leier went to Bismarck on Tuesday for the funeral of Lillian Scherr at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Presiding at the funeral Mass were Father Charlie Heidt; Father Marvin Klemmer and Msgr. Gene Lindemann.Also Lori Leier, Linda and Bruce Horner and Allan Leier attended.

Toni Hager and Michell, Keith and Bradley Pfaff went to Lisbon last Friday for the retirement of Toni’s sister, Liz King, of the Vet’s home where she had been employed for 38 years as a social worker. Liz’s brother Joe; sister, Mary Ann, Vic Schafer, Corinne Lee, Kenny Cunningham; nieces and nephews, Tina, Phillip and Luther King and Kristen Lee.

Lugard Leier and Andy and Joan Schmidt went to Bismarck last Sunday to join other relatives and friends to help John Leier celebrate his birthday.

Pius Sr. and Richard Hager left on Sunday by plane for their home in Denver, Colo., after spending a couple weeks with relatives and friends.

Sharma Clemens of Jamestown spent last weekend with her mom, Toni Hager.

The Braddock Lions Club held their annual “Ladies Night” on Thursday evening at the Community Hall. Guests were Lugard Leier. Other guests were Derrick and Tamree Appert who recently joined the club.

Weekend guests at Ralph and Sherrye Millers were his nephew and wife, Barry and Gina Kresbach of Lodi, Calif. They joined Marlene Knight of Valley City, Bernard and Shelly Miller of Rugby, Floyd and Mary Miller of Bismarck, Patty Villens of Seattle, Wash., Dinah Fields of Colorado Springs, Colo., and Gloria Stockdale of Charleston, S.C. They were all here to help celebrate Simon Miller’s 93rd birthday.

Stations of the Cross are at 6:05 p.m. on Tuesday evenings followed by Mass at 6:30 p.m. at St. Katherine’s during Lent.

The secrets of contentment in knowing how to enjoy what you have and to be able to enjoy to lose all desire for things beyond your reach.

Have a good week.

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