2013-02-28 / Community News

Strasburg Care Center

By Brenda Compaan

Rose Wald visits with Mar- tin Wald on a regular basis. Also stopping in were Tom and Laura Baumgartner and Eddie Kramer Sr.

Harold Ryckman is here on a regular basis to visit with Mary Ryckman.

Clinton Dykema had company to include Carol Jean and Ernie Dykema, Larry Leier, Jim Hollaar,Arlyn Van Beek, and Weston Van Beek.

Visiting Lucinda Schneider this past week was Matt Schneider on several occasions. Also stopping in were Jim Heidrich, Herman Jahner, Irene Heidrich, Perry Masset, Dottie and Darrell Schneider, Caroline Ternes, Mary and Chuck Vetter, Chuck Heidrich, Esther Jangula, Sean Peck, Roger and Phyllis Kocher, Kevin and Tammy Schneider, Mark and Fran Pots, Mrs. Leo Mosset, Isadore Gross, Marcella Wangler, and Mary Kay Vetter.

Those visiting with Bob Schreiner were Mark Schreiner on several occasions. Also visiting was Wanda Lovik.

Visiting with Harley and Marion Vander Vorst were Everett and Peggy Van Beek, Mark Vander Vorst, and Leann Jakobsen. Visiting Irene Baumgartner on a regular basis is Andy Baumgartner. She also had company to include Joe T. Baumgartner, Tony and Janice Baumgartner, Pete and Janel Baumgartner, Jim Heidrich, Eddie Kramer Sr., Roger and Phyllis Kocher, Ed Braun, Genie Greer, Harry Heidrich, Tony Heidrich, and Wanda Heidrich.

Visiting Valerie Heim this past week was Pat Horner on several occasions. Also stopping by were Virgil Horner and Ken and ReEtta Horner.

Those stopping to visit with Madge Leier were Al Leier on several occasions. Also stopping in was Bruce Leier and Larry Leier.

Those stopping in to visit with Margaret Baumgartner were Joe T. Baumgartner, Michael Baumgartner, and Bruce Glass.

Ellen Tuttle had lots of company this past week to include Judy Rice, Carl Snyder, David and Mary Jane Conn, Della Beck, Hope Snyder, and Faith Snyder.

Visiting with Irene Jahner were Cindy Lovell, Kathy Kramer, Duane Jahner, Royal Lovell, and Kenny and Evie Jahner.

Visiting Marie Dryja were Leslie Jenner and Herman Jahner.

Eddie Kramer Sr. comes to the nursing home on a regular basis to visit with his wife, Helen, and with many of the other residents. Also stopping in were Sandy Ternes, Augie Ternes, Kathy Nagel, Carl Snyder, Mary Jane Conn, Faith Snyder, and Hope Snyder.

Visiting with Irene Will were Deb Hochhalter, Phyllis Will, and Kayla, Kaylyn, and Dylan Hendrickson.

Freda Kiemele’s company this past week was Della Beck, Darlene Loebs, Ray Kiemele, and Jake and Pauline Tschritter.

Stopping in to visit with Alvin Sauter were Ralph and Eleanor Nieuwsma, Evan, Landyn, and Mady Sauter, Clinton Sauter, Eric Sauter, Phyllis Will, and Ray Kiemele. Eric and Keriann and girls tookAlvin to church and to Webo’s for lunch.

Visiting with Wilma Myers were Della Beck, Rose Haid, and Ron and Richelle Jangula.

Stopping in to visit with Alvena Hehn were Betty Vander Vorst and Marlene Dykema.

Those stopping by to visit with Martha Heier were Lillian Miller, Fr. Tom Clement, Mary Volk, Lucille Hirning, Roger Kocher, and Kathy Hoffman.

Visiting with Bernice Kautz was David and Mary Jane Conn and Carl Snyder.

Stopping in to visit with Perry Masset were Willie and Veronica Masset and Kathy and Albert Masset.

Alice Heidrich’s visitors have been Jim Heidrich, Harry Heidrich, Wanda Heidrich, Eddie Kramer Sr., Ed Braun, Genie Greer, and Roger and Phyllis Kocher.

Visiting with Minnie Geigle was Orland Geigle.

Stopping in to visit with Eileen Gienger this past week was Bernice Renz.

Andy Feist’s company this past week was Pat and Mary Feist and Eddie Kramer Sr.

Tom and Diane Kiefer came by to visit with Julia Kiefer.

Dorothy Fuhrer’s company this past week was Arlyn and Doris Van Beek.

David Conn had company to include Faith Snyder, Hope Snyder, Carl Snyder, Mary Jane Conn, and Judy Rice.

Those visiting with Rose Weichel were James Schmidt, BerniceFlegel,JerrySchmidt, Marcia Schmidt, Leonard and Cleo Weichel, Marlene Zimmerman, Helen Weichel, Elizabeth Weichel, Natosha Weichel, and Isadore Gross.

Visiting with Frank Gabriel this past week were Virgil Horner and Harold and Donna Kocher.

Lena Wagner’s company included Kevin Wagner, Aaron Wagner, and Sunnie Lewis.

SandyandMasonRyckman came by to visit with Dorothy Ryckman.

Wally and Georgene Seibel were here to visit with Irene Anderson.

DeLores Masset and Tia Masset stopped in to visit with Perry Masset and Lucinda Schneider.

Kathryn Klein’s company this past week was Ron Klein, Isadore Gross, and Eddie Kramer Sr.

Keith and Connie Fjeldheim were here to visit with Billy DuBois.

Valentine’s Day – Thursday morning, the Catholic residents were invited to the chapel for Rosary, Mass, and ashes led by Fr. Jason. Thank you for your services. The residents always look forward to attending the weekly mass. Following the service, the residents were invited to come to the dining room for coffee, something new in Bingo, and a snack. Later in the morning, the activity staff pampered the ladies in the activity room at feeling good group. The ladies were all excited to get their hair done for the Valentine’s Day Coronation. The ladies all looked so nice. In the afternoon, everyone was invited to the dining room for the King & Queen Coronation. The Queen candidates included Margaret Baumgartner, Perry Masset, and Marion Vander Vorst. The King candidates included Rudy Beska, Alvin Sauter, and Harley Vander Vorst. The former Royalty for 2012 was Queen Ellen Tuttle and King (deceased) Adam Silbernagel. The royalty for 2013 are Harley and Marion Vander Vorst. Congratulations. Julie Brandner sang several familiar songs for the residents to enjoy. Thank you, Julie, for the musical entertainment. Thank you to the dietary department for preparing the delicious dessert of Cherries In The Snow. The activity staff served a choice of beverages to the residents and guests along with the dessert. Also, thank you to everyone for attending this special occasion. In the evening, the residents were invited to the activity room for Valentine Trivia. The residents did well answering the trivia questions asked by Sheila Ohlhauser. Fun was had by all.

Friday morning, the residents were invited to the dining room for SNIB, coffee, and a snack. Several stories were shared amongst the residents. Manicures followed later in the activity room. Several of the ladies were patiently waiting their turn for a manicure done by the activity staff. Thank you, activity staff, for spoiling the residents and making them feel so special. Scripture with Carol Jean Dykema was held in the chapel in the afternoon. Homemade bread and a beverage were served for lunch following the scripture lesson. Flippo was the name of the game for the evening in the dining room. The residents look forward to attending and playing this activity. Fun was shared with everyone.

The Saturday morning activities consisted of coffee and SNIB followed by current events and let’s exercise in the activity room and the B-wing south solarium. The afternoon’s resident’s choice activity was beanbag toss. There was a tie for first, Bernice Wolf and Albert Kraft, 2nd place went to Perry Masset, and 3rd place to Rudy Beska. Thank you, Ann Langeliers, for a great and exciting afternoon. Warm cookies and a choice of beverage were served for lunch.

Mass on the large-screen TV started out the Sunday morning activities in the activity room. The Sunday afternoon’s Protestant Church Services was held by the Linton United Methodist Church led by the Rev. Cori Waisanen along with a great speaker. Thank you for a beautiful and wonderful service. Also, thank you to Linda Seidel for playing the piano. Following the service, everyone was invited to stop in the dining room for coffee hour. Pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting and a beverage were served.

Monday morning, started out with something new in Bingo and coffee in the dining room. The residents enjoyed a snack with their coffee while they visited with each other. Current events and let’s exercise completed the morning activities for the residents. In the afternoon, the residents gathered in the dining room to participate in the President’s Day Program. Diane Kiefer opened the program with the history of President’s Day. Several patriotic songs were sung. Diane read some trivia questions on President’s Day. Thank you to Chris Nieuwsma for playing the piano and to Diane Kiefer for leading the program. A special thank you to David Conn for sharing his musical talents with the residents. Everyone enjoyed hearing him sing. For lunch, Corn Flake Haystacks were served along with a choice of beverage. Thank you, dietary, for the delicious lunch. In the evening, the residents were challenged to Presidential Trivia. Lori Bechtold had everyone thinking with the questions that were asked. Thank you, residents, for attending the trivia.

Tuesday morning, coffee and SNIB began the day’s activities. The residents visited while they had their snack and drinks. After their snack, the residents came to the activity room to shop during shopping cart. The residents were anxious to spend the money they won at the activities. Thank you to all the residents that came to shop. In the afternoon, the residents filled the activity room for book club with Ann Langeliers. Thank you, Ann. The residents enjoyed the story that you read. Later in the afternoon, the Linton Senior Citizens entertained the residents with a variety of songs in English and German. Thank you, Senior Citizens, for a fun afternoon. For lunch, kuchen bars and a variety of beverages were served. In the evening, the residents filled the activity room to play table ball. They kept the ball moving so everyone joined in the group. Thanks, Ann Langeliers, for a fun evening.

On Wednesday morning, Fr. Jason held Rosary and Mass in the chapel for the Catholic residents. Thank you, Fr. Jason. The residents appreciate having Mass here. Coffee and SNIB followed in the dining room. The ladies were quick to get to the activity room for feeling good group. Thank you, activity staff, for pampering the ladies. They always look forward to Wednesday mornings. In the afternoon, the ladies from the St. Anthony’s Catholic Church Christian Mothers entertained by having Larry Schwab and Alvin Tschosik play old-time music. The residents had their fingers and toes moving to the music. Larry played the piano andAlvin was on the accordion. Thank you everyone for a fun afternoon of old-time music. For lunch, the ladies served bars and ice cream with a choice of toppings. Thank you, ladies. We look forward to your next visit. Later in the afternoon, the activity staff read the news from the Emmons County Record and the Prairie Pioneer to the residents. Thank you, activity staff. The residents look forward to hearing the local news. In the evening, the residents gathered in the activity room to enjoy the old-time music on the largescreen TV.

Thank you to the Linton Public School students and their teacher Fran for the homemade Valentine’s that they made for the residents. The residents that are Veteran’s really appreciated the special Valentine’s that were made for them. Thank you for remembering the residents on Valentine’s Day.

We want to wish Walter Poppke the best of everything as he is discharged from our facility. Walter was admitted to our facility last week. Walter was from Bismarck.

Happy birthday:

Feb. 22—Clinton Dykema, 38; Feb. 28 – Esther Penttinen, 92.

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