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Linton School Board approves superintendant evaluation

The Linton School Board reviewed and accepted the evaluation of Superintendant Alan Bjornson during its regular meeting on Feb. 20.

The overall evaluation was satisfactory, according to the board, but board members noted improvements that should be made in Bjornson’s performance in some areas.

Some of the questions came in the areas of public relations and principal duties. Bjornson addressed comments made by the board that he needs to improve his communication with the public and patrons of the district, and he needs to be more involved in events held at the school.

Bjornson told the board that the school’s daily bulletin is posted on the school’s website. He said the bulletin contains all of the information of what is going on at the school for the day and the rest of the week.

Bjornson said he attends concerts, sporting events and other activities at the school normally as a spectator, because other faculty members are paid to run those events as part of their contracts.

“OurAthletic Director (Dan Imdieke) always serves as the manager for any tournaments held in Linton, and H-M-B’s AD is usually the manager for tournaments held in Hazelton,” Bjornson said. “Any time there is a concert, speech meet or Acalympics held at the school, the advisors or coaches take care of the tournament as part of their contracts.”

Bjornson was asked if the school has enough fire drills during the school year, and he said there are at least six fire drills during a school year, and the school began holding lock down drills this year. Bjornson said there should be more tornado drills, as well as emergency evacuation drills, and he plans to have more of them in the future.

After reviewing the evaluation, board member Arnold Vetter made a motion to approve it as satisfactory. Board member Tiffany Heer seconded the motion, and it carried, 5-0.

The board also:

• Accepted the resignation of Elementary School Secretary Rhonda Dockter. Dockter, who has held the position since taking over for the late Linda Kress at the beginning of the 2009-10 term, sent a letter of resignation to the board, stating she has decided to pursue another job opportunity.

Board member JoAnn Humann made a motion to accept Dockter’s resignation, effective at the end of the 2012-13 school term, and board member Pat Huber seconded the motion. The motion carried, 5-0.

Linton Elementary Principal Brian Flyberg told the board that advertising for the position will begin immediately, and he hoped to fill the position before the school year ends.

• Heard from Superintendant Alan Bjornson, who gave his report. Upcoming events at the high school included “Healthy Habits” seminars, which will be presented by University of Mary students during the month of March.

Bjornson informed the board of the new school funding formula put forth by the State, which will decrease the mills that are set at each school annually. Bjornson explained the projected formula, and how it would affect funding for Linton Public School.

Bjornson also updated the board on the school’s “code red” project. He said the school is looking at installing 32 cameras throughout the facility, as well as security doors that lock automatically, and cannot be opened from the outside. Bjornson said the doors can only be opened by school personnel from inside the office.

Bjornson said the camera system would cost about $30,000, and would activate whenever there is motion in their view. He said the cameras can be run and viewed through a computer, and law enforcement officials could easily access them.

Bjornson said the security doors, which would be installed at the main entrances of the middle school and high school buildings, would cost around $6,000 each. Bjornson told the board he would seek grants to help cover the costs of the security projects.

• Elementary Principal Brian Flyberg informed the board of upcoming events in the elementary and middle schools, which include a seat belt safety course (Feb. 28), parent-teacher conferences (March 26) and the Dakota Challenge in Zeeland on March 27.

The Linton Science Fair will be held on Thursday, Feb. 21, and the local winners will hold an open house at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 5, in the Middle School Library.

Flyberg said Mrs. Denise Pfeifer, K-4 Reading Coach, and some of her students will participate in an event called “Read Across America” on Feb. 27, where third grade students from Linton Elementary School will read to third grade students from a New York school using ITV.

Flyberg recognized and commended Linton students Cole Vander Laan (1st place) and Cassidy Will (2nd place) for placing in the Emmons County Mathcounts on Feb. 7, as well as the Linton team (Vander Laan, Will, Jack McCrory, Brooke Vander Laan, and Coach Charles Pavlicek) for placing first in the event. Flyberg also recognized Riley Mattheis, who was the runner-up in the Emmons County Spelling Bee on Feb. 12.

• Heard from Linton Education Association (LEA) representative Diane Nagel, who gave an update on LEA activities and events.

Nagel said the LEA will sponsor a junior and senior highAcalympics competition at Linton School on Tuesday, April 2, and she said the recipient for the annual LEA Scholarship will be selected and announced within the next couple of weeks.

Nagel also submitted a Petition to Negotiate from the LEA to the Linton School District Board. Board member JoAnn Humann made a motion to accept the petition, and board member Pat Huber seconded. The motion carried, 5-0.

Reviewed the proposed school calendar for the 2013- 14 term. Classes will begin on Monday, Aug. 19, 2013, and the last day of school will be May 15, 2014. Graduation will be held on Sunday, May 18. Board member Pat Huber made a motion to adopt the 2013-14 Calendar, with a second by board member Tiffany Heer. The motion carried, 5-0.

• Unanimously approved a motion made by board member JoAnn Humann and seconded by board member Arnold Vetter to hold the Linton School Board election on Tuesday, June 11, at the Linton Community Center. Linton School District Business Manager Marcia King said that the terms of Board President Rod Jacob and board member Pat Huber expire this year.

• Scheduled the next regular meeting for Monday, March 18, at 7:30 p.m.

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