2013-03-07 / Top News

NDDOT and Bismarck family launch new driving campaign

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) recently worked in partnership with Arlene and Tom Deutscher of Bismarck to bring awareness to the deadly consequences of drinking and driving. The Bismarck family’s message has been released through a multi-faceted safety campaign utilizing television, radio, social media and billboards across the state.

In the safety message, Tom andArlene Deutscher discuss how a tragic crash affected them last July, when their son, Aaron Deutscher, his wife Allison, their 18-month-old daughter Brielle and their unborn baby, were on their way to a family reunion when a drunk driver, traveling the wrong way on I-94, collided head-on with their vehicle. Everyone was instantly killed. Tom andArlene went from planning a family reunion to planning a family funeral.

“With too many tragedies such as this happening in our state, the NDDOT along with the Deutschers have teamed up to launch a new campaign to encourage people not to drink and drive,” Mark Nelson, NDDOT Safety Division Director, said. “In 2012, nearly 52 percent of fatalities could have been prevented if they had made the decision not to drive after drinking alcohol.”

“The Deutschers have made a bold choice to take their tragedy and turn it into an opportunity to save lives,” Nelson said. “The overall message we want to get across with the Deutscher campaign is that it’s not worth it. Don’t drive drunk. It’s that simple, just don’t do it.”

The 60- second Deutscher safety message can also be found on NDDOT’s Facebook page or on YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/NDDOTOnline.

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