2013-03-14 / Ag News

Farm Rescue Foundation now offers farm family assistance

Farm Rescue Foundation, a new nonprofit organization that helps farm families recovering from injury or illness, has announced that individuals may now apply for assistance in acquiring specialized, non-medical equipment to overcome physical challenges. Temporary volunteer labor is also available to help with physical challenges during the recovery process to a limited number of cases.

“Sustaining life on a farm can be a challenge to anyone following an unexpected physical setback. The Farm Rescue Foundation is here to help during the recovery process to ensure that families have an opportunity to continue viable operations,” Bill Gross, Farm Rescue Foundation president and founder, said. “We are pleased to announce this new available assistance to farm families facing unique physical challenges.”

On March 9, Gross was inducted into the North Dakota Agriculture Hall of Fame for his contributions to agriculture in the preservation of the family farm. Gross is also the founder of Farm Rescue, a separate nonprofit organization that provides planting or harvesting assistance to those who have experienced a major illness, or natural disaster. While Farm Rescue provides assistance during crises in the form of fieldwork, the Farm Rescue Foundation provides assistance during the recovery phase consisting of special equipment or physical labor. Applicants for this new assistance need not have received assistance from Farm Rescue.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the Farm Rescue Foundation to discuss options for assistance. Additional information may be obtained by calling 701-252-2016 or visiting www.farmrescuefoundation.org.

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