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By Edward F. Keller, D.D.S.
1732 Golf Drive Bismarck, ND 58503


I recently read a story that brought memories of my Uncle Joe Schneider. When I was a little boy Uncle Joe used to tell me stories just like the one I read. He was a big,playful, friendly,smiling man, rolled Bull Durham cigarettes and had a sense of humor. He would visit from his home across the river, Fort Yates, N.D. My grandfather Schneider had moved his blacksmith business from Hague to Fort Yates to serve the farmers who had bought Indian Reservation land.

In the 1930s Uncle Joe escaped the North Dakota prairies for Detroit, Mich., and a job at the Ford Motor plant. Then he would visit my farm in a new Ford car, nice clothes and tailor made cigarettes, Chesterfields, whose empty packages had sweet-smelling tin foil… and still told stories.

The story I recently read and am about to tell was about amanona4p.m.workshift who always walked home after work. One moonlit night he decided to take a shortcut through a cemetery and save a half of a mile. This was to his fancy and he repeated the cemetery trek night after night, always following the same path. On this one particularly dark night, a grave had been dug during the day in his very path and down he tumbled into the six-foot hole. He tried to scale the walls several times and decided to sit there until morning for help… and fell asleep. He was soon roused when a drunk stumbled into the hole and desperately scratched and tried to climb out. The shift worker reached out his hand and touched the drunk’s leg and said, “Friend you can’t get out of here”… and the drunk just flew out of there… that is MOTIVATION.

Till next time.

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