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From the Heartland

By Allan Burke

After a blustery weekend, this week’s weather should be fitting for the first week of spring, which starts today (Wednesday) with the spring equinox. Temperatures should range from 23 to 47 degrees for the highs and between 13 and 30 degrees for the lows. No precipitation is mentioned. Even the wind is supposed to be mild and in the 10- to 13-mph range. In the heartland, we don’t count any breeze below 30 mph as wind. A velocity of 13 mph is a mere leaf tickler.

On the mend

Last week’s warmer weather coincided with my feeling quite a bit better. Leah, Fred, Bertram G. “Bert” Retriever and I went on a long walk at the river Thursday morning, and Leah, Bert and I repeated it that afternoon since the temperature was around 60 degrees and felt so good.

With the arrival of spring and some nice weather in the forecast, I’m prepared to feel even better.

I took my bride out for supper Saturday night at Webo’s, and that was my first real outing, except for meetings and appointments in Bismarck, since December.

My strategy is not to complain about the four months of not feeling up to par and to simply refer to it as my winter hibernation. It sounds better than whining.

Hitting the floorboards

One of my shortcomings is trying to do things alone rather than to ask for help. That was never more evident than last week when Fred was home on spring break, and we were moving furniture back into the living room and dining room after the laminate floor was installed.

Fred was vacuuming his car in the garage, so I decided to move a couple things myself. Our china cupboard that was a wedding present for my grandparents, Edward and Minnie (Miles) Seaton, in 1900, has casters, so I thought I could roll it from the kitchen to its special place in the dining area. Nope.

As I lifted it over the threshold, a caster came off. I didn’t notice the problem until I had it all the way into the dining room. To my shock and dismay, the fragile cupboard with the original glass in its doors started to fall over.

The dining room table had been moved to the side, far from its usual position, and we had put the computer desk hutch on top of it to get it out of the way.

The cupboard fell against the hutch which then flew off the table, crashing to the new floor. I managed to save the cupboard, but when the hutch hitthelaminate,itexplodedinto at least 1,472,983,605 pieces, some big, some very small.

My first thought was that it had gouged the new floor, but it apparently fell just right and left nary a scratch.

It happened that Fred came into the house about that time, although he had not heard the crash, so he helped me re-install the caster and get the antique cupboard upright. We carefully put it in place. Then we picked up the remains of the computer hutch and hauled it out to the curb to be hauled away with the garbage.

We had vacuumed the construction dust an hour or so before the mishap, so I fired up the vacuum and re-vacuumed about three-fourths of the new floor. I don’t think dynamite could have created more tiny pieces or scattered them farther.

Our next task is to get a new computer desk at Schreiner’s.

Remind me to ask for help next time.

Matching rugs

We acquired two matching but inexpensive area rugs for the living room and under the dining room table. After we recover from the expense of the new floor and new desk, we will upgrade the rugs to something nicer.

The rugs were chosen because they are sort of indooroutdoor and can be cleaned easily. We did that because of His Majesty Bert, the pooch who ruined our wall-to-wall carpeting.

Another factor in the rug selection was color. Yup. The rugs match the dog.

Check us out on the world-wide web

If you haven’t already done so, please check out our new website. The Emmons County Record site can be found at www.ecrecord.com, and the Prairie Pioneer site, which will be launched soon, will be at www.ppioneer.com.

We have had lots of positive feedback on the new online edition and the user friendly aspects of the site.

If you’re looking for an ideal gift for a relative or friend, please consider a one-year subscription to the online edition. It is only $38 per year anywhere in the world, and you can pay by credit card on the site, over the phone, in person at the office or by check by mail. It’s a gift that’s delivered 52 times a year.

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