2013-03-21 / Community News

Outstanding Students—Third Quarter

Strasburg Public School

Miranda Scherr Junior High Miranda Scherr Junior High Grade: Freshman

Parents: Kelly and Valerie

Favorite Subject: Shop

Hobbies: Playing basketball.

Favorite Food: Knoepfla
and sauerkraut.

Favorite Movie or Musician: “The Hangover.“

Most Valued Possession:
My Cell Phone.

Pet Peeve: People chewing
with their mouth open.

Advice to fellow students:
Just do your best.

What I like best about
Strasburg High School:
My classmates.

Jenifer Schneider High School Jenifer Schneider High School Grade: Senior
Parents: Gerald Schneider
and Bobby Putnam
Favorite Subject: Anatomy.
Hobbies: Riding horse and
spending time with family
and friends.
Favorite Food: Chicken
Favorite Movie or Musician: “The Notebook” and
Jason Aldean.
Most Valued Possession:
My dog, Zoey.
Pet Peeve: People who like
to talk a lot, and people who
Advice to fellow students:
Try your best, do your homework, and stay in school.
What I like best about SHS:
The staff is really friendly
and helpful.

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