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By Edward F. Keller, D.D.S.
1732 Golf Drive Bismarck, ND 58503

Where I Exercise

Yes… exercise… keep your body loose and your muscles limbered and your blood flowing during the golden years.

When I was a little boy in the 1930s on my Strasburg, N.D., farm I never heard or knew of the word exercise. My father encouraged me to sit and rest for when I needed to work… “Stop running around and wearing out your shoes. They cost $1.50 now.” But I was never short of “exercise.” There was a lot of pitchforking with hay and barn waste… shovel work, carrying water from the well, pulling buckets full out of the well with rope and pulley on days when the wind didn’t blow for the windmill. We did a lot of lifting… harnessing and hitching horses to wagons and machinery and handling buckets full of milk and cream… and much more work like that around the farm. By nighttime my arms were often sore from daily “exercise.”

Touchmark Touchmark Today I exercise three times a week in a beautiful gym at a care center here in Bismarck, called Touchmark, at 1000 West Century Avenue. Touchmark invites anyone 50-plus to enjoy their facility. The gym has equipment for walking, biking, stretching, floor exercises, free weights and a good sized swimming pool. Touchmark is owned by a Beach, N.D. native, Werner G. Nistler and well managed by his daughter, Arlene Farnsworth. The company owns 11 care centers in North Dakota,South Dakota,Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Montana, Idaho, Oregon Washington and Canada. The gym is staffed with physical therapists, exercise trainers and massage people.

I love the social aspect of Touchmark… enjoy talking with my fellow retirees. Their biographies are interestingly unique and revealing with in depth stories from their life. Every life is a story. Very few of these people were born in Bismarck. Mostly all migrated here from area states and towns. Bismarck has the health care facilities they need in their retirement. Many have children living here. The retirees came from all walks of life: farmers, bankers, electricians, dentists, physicians, nurses, carpenters, contractors, air pilots, engineers, investors, teachers, mechanics, railroad workers, truck drivers, government workers, coal plant operators, oil technicians, merchants and many more.

This place is a writer’s paradise… Most people love to talk and never mind my questions… we share many great experiences.

Till next time.

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