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Linton School Board discusses projects

The Linton School Board discussed upcoming projects during its regular meeting on March 18. Proposed projects included:

• Installing a security system throughout the entire facility, which will include video cameras and selflocking doors. The cost of the project is estimated at around $35,000, but funding may be available to pay for half (up to $25,000) of the project.

• Replacing the kitchen stoves with two new stoves. Superintendent Al Bjornson said the current stoves are outdated, and would require them to be rewired. The new stoves would adapt to the system and would not require additional wiring. The project is estimated at between $8- 10,000.

• Finish replacing windows in high school building. The project, which was started last summer, consists of removing the windows, and replacing them with two 42" x 72" energy efficient windows. The area around the new windows will be covered with brick, and there are 18 openings.

The windows on the north side of the high school were replaced last summer, and the windows on the south side and the band room will be replaced this summer to complete the project. The project costs $117,000, and was approved by the school board in March 2012.

Supt. Bjornson said a benefactor has proposed remodeling the press box on the football field. The project would include replacing the windows, and reinforcing the deck for video cameras. Bjornson said the project will not require any funding from the Linton School District.

The board also:

• Approved a motion made by board member JoAnn Humann to allow Mr. Dan Carr to begin Drivers’Education classes on the final day of school (May 17). Supt. Bjornson said he had been contacted by several parents of students taking the class, who wanted the course to begin on the final day of school in order to utilize the bus service for that day.

Bjornson said the course is 30 hours of class instruction, which is divided into five 6-hour classes (one a day), and since rural students need to get a ride to the school for the course, this would cut down the trips from five to four days. Bjornson said Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock School students also take part in the course, and if approved, those students would need to begin on May 17.

Board member Pat Huber expressed concern that Mr. Carr will be paid twice in one day for doing one job, since he is being paid by the district to teach regular classes on May 17, and also being paid for instructing the drivers’ed. course. Bjornson, however, said students do not have regular classes on the final day, and teachers are moreor less chaperones for their classrooms. In other words, it is not a benefit to Mr. Carr to start the drivers’ed. course on the final day, since he would be paid for both positions anyway, and would have to instruct a class that he would not normally have on that day. Bjornson said the proposal was made as a benefit to the student’s parents.

Board member Tiffany Heer seconded Humann’s motion, and the motion carried, 4-1, with board member Huber voting against it. Bjornson said the instructors of the eighth grade students will take Mr. Carr’s students for the school day on May 17.

• Approved a make-up day for Friday, May 17. Supt. Bjornson said the school had set aside three dates for storm days, but only has to make up one of those days. After discussion, the board decided to not have school on April 1 (Easter Monday), or Friday, April 26. Board member Arnold Vetter made a motion to have the make-up day on May 17, and board member JoAnn Humann seconded. The motion carried, 5-0.

• Supt. Bjornson said in his report that all faculty members plan to return for the 2013-14 school year. However, Bjornson proposed moving Mrs. Jeanette Mausehund’s position from fulltime High School Guidance Counselor, to half-time Title I Counselor and half-time Guidance Counselor, in order to retain funding for the high school Title I program.

Bjornson said the district could hire a part-time Elementary (K-8) Counselor, and he said he has spoken to Strasburg School Supt. Mary Larson about sharing this position initially. Board President Rod Jacob said he approves of the idea because it would give Mrs. Mausehund more time to work with high school seniors to apply for scholarships and grants for college.

Bjornson said Emmons County ExtensionAgentAcacia Stuckle has been meeting with high school seniors once a week to talk about preparing to attend college, but she does not help the students fill out applications for financing. The board tabled the matter for a later meeting.

Upcoming events include the University of Mary student’s wellness training (March 20), MREC medical careers training in Linton (March 21), and the Region 6 Speech Meet in Linton (April 6). Linton senior and junior students will attend the North Dakota Legislative Session on Friday, March 22.

• Linton Elementary Principal Brian Flyberg gave his report, which included an update on applications for the Elementary School secretary position. Rhonda Dockter will resign at the end of the school year, and Flyberg said the application deadline is March 31.

Other activities include the 5th and 6th Grade candy bar fund-raiser (March 18-April 2), State Spelling Bee in Bismarck (March 22), Acalympics in Wishek (March 25) and Linton (April 2), Parent-Teacher Conferences (March 26), Dakota Challenge in Zeeland (March 27), State Science Fair in Grand Forks (April 4-5), Grades 5-12 Spring Concert (April 11), Emmons County Interagency Safe Night at H-M-B School (April 12), and the State Reading Conference in Jamestown (April 12-13).

Principal Flyberg said there are 16 students registered for kindergarten for the 2013-14 school year, and two teachers will move up one grade next year to accommodate two classes in those grades. Mrs. Joan Hettich will move from second grade to third grade, and Mr. Pat Gerving will move from fourth grade to fifth grade.

• Appointed board members Rod Jacob and Pat Huber to serve on the board’s teacher negotiation team. The LEA (Linton Education Association) will be represented by Mr. Bruce Hase and Mrs. Michelle Schumacher during the negotiation process.

• Renewed a Title I contract with Sterling Public Elementary School. Board member Pat Huber made a motion to renew the contract, and board member Tiffany Heer seconded. The motion carried, 5-0.

• Scheduled the next regular meeting for Monday,April 15, at 7:30 p.m. in the high school library.

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