2013-04-04 / Community News


By Carol Jean Dykema

Jeanette Hasper (Lawler), age 92, passed away Monday, March 25th, 2013 at Grand Forks. Jeanette grew up in the Hull area and she was the daughter of John and Lemmie Hasper and was married to Terry Lawler and lived in Linton. We would like to extend our Christian sympathy to the family.

There was a good attendance at the Good Friday church service in Westfield on Good Friday evening.

Saturday afternoon, Gary and Berdene Dykema hosted a family gathering at the Fellowship Hall at the Hull Church. They had both Dykema and Van Heukelom sides of their families at the family gathering. About everyone was able to attend.

On Saturday afternoon Ren and Paula Haak had the Easter celebration for Paula’s family. Those attending were parents, Paul and Mary Ann Wolf from Linton, Tina and Patrick Keller and family of Bismarck, Jackie and Darren Hulm and family of Bismarck and Jessica and Scott Geffree and family of Bismarck. Saturday overnight guests of the Haak’s were Paula’s nephews, Devin Hulm and Blake Hulm from Bismarck.

Friday to Sunday guests of Eldon and Darlene Droog were their son, Devin and Kim Droog, Gareck, Landon, Alaina and Kyler from Grafton and they were also Sunday morning church visitors.

Friday to Sunday guests of Elmer and Phyllis Haak were their son, Rob and Joan Haak of Aberdeen, S.D. and Tim Haak of Valley City. Saturday, they all had dinner at Elmer and Phyllis Haak’s and those attending were Bob and Marlys Weber of Linton, Craig Weber of Linton and Robin Weber, who is a student at Jamestown College, Steve and Brook Weber and their son, Dean of Bismarck were all guests of Elmer and Phyllis Haak on Saturday.

Easter Sunday dinner guests of Bob and Marlys Weber and family were Elmer and Phyllis Haak and Bob and Joan Haak of Aberdeen.

Elmer and Phyllis Haak were able to attend the Sunday morning church service. Rob and Joan Haak were also Sunday morning church visitors.

Brad and Kayla Dykema and Blake of Bismarck were Saturday overnight guests of Brad’s parents, Gary and Berdene Dykema, and were Sunday morning church visitors.

At our Sunday morning church service, Kayla Haak sang a solo and Kim Droog accompanied her on the piano. Kayla is the daughter of Ren and Paula Haak.

Todd and Margie Vossler of Bismarck were Sunday morning church visitors.

Easter Sunday, Ernest and Carol Dykema and Clint Dykema of Strasburg Care Center were Easter Sunday dinner guests of Ron and Loreli Dykema of Temvik. Other guests were Don and Arlene Davis from Hazelton, Ralph Miller of Braddock, and Ralph’s wife, Sherrye, was unable to attend.

We want to extend our Christian sympathy to Carrie and Todd Nieuwsma and family and to Lori andAdrian Int Veldt as their oldest sister, Wanda Fiechtner recently passed away on March 23 at the age of 50 and she was from Red Wing, Minn. She was the daughter of Eugene and Viola Gefroh of Hague and her husband was Robert Fiechtner.

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