2013-04-11 / Columns

Back In Time


Strasburg High School Science Instructor Mrs. Marcia Steinwand took 19 students to the N.D. State Science and Engineering Fair in Fargo and eight of them received special recognition. The Red Hat Society is the area’s newest club.


Annual smelt run is proving bountiful at Beaver Bay. Convenience Center is proposed for the Beaver Bay area. Linton City Council is starting a clean-up campaign and the Hogue Hotel is on the top of their list. Linton City Council has to decide what to do with the municipal landfill west of the city; it has been ordered to close.


April showers delay beginning of field work. PSC denies request to close Braddock station. Linton National Guard Unit receives new designation of Maintenance and Support Platoon 816th Engineer Company.


Prairie fire burns over large area near Braddock. Five tree plots for 1939 plantings offered to Emmons County farmers for farm shelterbelts. Red & White Store: Lettuce, large size, 2 hds. 23¢; Orange size 76, per doz. 23¢; New potatoes, 5 lbs. 21¢

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