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By Edward F. Keller, D.D.S.
1732 Golf Drive Bismarck, ND 58503

Linton Seeman Park

L.D. Seeman came to Emmons County and Linton in1906 and became the largest landowner. He bought and shipped livestock,dealt in grain elevators, farming and garage and auto sales. Seeman was a founder of Linton Livestock Sales and one of the first directors of the First National Bank in Linton. He donated land for the Linton Public School, and of course Seeman Park.

Seeman Park on Beaver Creek quickly became a haven for summer town celebrations and family picnics. For me the 4th of July celebrations with picnics, rodeos, ball games, Indian Cowboys are most memorable… and I can’t forget the Linton band here.

The park had a swanky dance and roller skating pavilion with open windows all around for people to watch. It had children’s playgrounds, bath houses, picnic tables, band stand, bleachers, swings and more. There was a foot bridge to cross the creek and chokecherry trees. In the 1930s WPA government workers made many improvements at Seeman Park.

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