2013-04-11 / Community News


(Last Week)

Lucille Hirning called Victoria Schumacher and invited her to go to the Knights of Columbus breakfast with her. They had a very good breakfast and there was a good crowd.

Victoria’s sister, Lilly Lipp, had another surgery on Monday. Everything went okay and she is feeling better.

Helen Franck took Victoria Schumacher along to the Strasburg Care Center. The HagueAltar Society was serving. They played Bingo later. Victoria visited lots of friends at the care center and it was good to see them all again.

Friday evening George and Charlotte Walker of Mandan were overnight guests of Victoria. They came for the Easter dinner on Saturday and stayed until Saturday evening. They had a good dinner on Easter Saturday and then returned home. Eraine and Carla Schumacher couldn’t make it home. Easter Sunday Victoria went to Mass at St. Mary’s Church at 11 a.m. The service was very nice and lots of people attended Mass. It is always nice to come to Mass at Hague.

In the evening Victoria was invited for a prime rib supper at the Scott and Ingard home.

Thursday, April 4, Victoria went with Ervine and Barbara Nold toAberdeen, S.D. Ervine had a doctor appointment.Victoria spent the day with Lilly and Vernon Lipp. Victoria and Lilly stopped at Wally Nolds, sister-in-law.They came home in the evening and it was so nice to see Lilly was feeling better. She is doing very good.

Eraine Schumacher came home for a late Easter. He spent Friday and Saturday at his mother’s for supper. He did some work that needed to be done.

(This Week)

Weekend visitors at the home of Adam and Viola Buechler were Jeannie Barnett of Fairlawn, N. J., and her sister, Evie Couture, of Plymouth, Minn. They came to visit Victor and Sally Schall.

Ervine and Barb Nold had visitors recently, Lorraine and Albert Ebach, who attended the funeral for Willie Ibach. They stayed for supper then went to the cafe to see Helen Fischer. For Easter Ervine and Barb went to Pierre, S.D., and had dinner with their son, Ervine Jr. and family. They returned home Monday afternoon, April 1.

Charlotte Buechler entertained for Easter dinner Saturday, March 30. Her guests were Terry and Lanel Buechler, Levi and friend, Kelsey, Alie and friend, Colin, John and Cheryl Salwei, Eric, Jessica and Kaylin, Keith Buechler, Taite and Sami Renningon, Kevin Buechler, Bob and Cindy Schumacher, Adam, Amanda and friend, Nick, Arlene Meier, Ben and Lucas, Nicole Volzke and baby Lathan, Josh and Kristen Rux and Isaac, Josh and Clarissa Volk and Carson. Charlotte was an Easter Sunday supper guest at the home of Scott and Ingrid Miller and family.

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