2013-04-11 / Community News


By Brenda Nolz

Home for Easter at the Jim Feist home were Amanda and Jaden Roehrich and family from Bismarck, arriving Friday; Veronica Petersen and family from Wilton; and Bethany Feist from Bismarck, arriving Saturday. Sunday after church and rivel soup Veronica and family left for home. Supper guests were the Roehrichs, Bethany, Dennis and Wendy Feist family and Mike Feist and Breylin and Tayden all of Herreid, S.D.; and Michael Heilman of Bismarck. They did have an Easter egg hunt Sunday morning. It wasn’t too cold for the Easter bunny to be out, as the kids found the Easter baskets.

Mike Johnson of Fife, Wash. spent 2 1/2 weeks at the Myron, Brenda, and Kara Weigel home; Mike is Brenda’s brother. Al and Martha Johnson of Lakota were Thursday overnight guests of the Weigels. They left Friday afternoon for Portland, Ore. Chelse, Kyler, and Colin Weigel, and Ali Beuchler of Bismarck were Friday through Sunday visitors at the Weigel home. Easter dinner guests at the Weigel home were Frank and Frances Weigel, Chelse, Kyler, and Colin Weigel, Ali Beuchler and Mike Johnson.

Tom, Joyce and Emily Scherr enjoyed dumplings at the Eugene and Brenda Nolz home on Friday, along with Frank, Vicki, Rebecca and Hannah Meier. On Easter Sunday Tom and Joyce traveled to Fargo to spend the day with Kristen Scherr, Travor Lagen, Willie,Alisha, Kaydence and Konnor Reis.

Nikki, Jazlyn, Mason and Brandi Weigel were supper guests at the Eugene and Brenda Nolz home on Saturday evening. Later the Weigels joined the Nolz family for Easter vigil Mass at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church in Zeeland. After Mass, Andy Nolz accompanied the Weigel family back to their home. On Sunday Eugene, Brenda and Andy Nolz were Easter dinner guests of Chris and Nikki Weigel. Rachel Nolz of Minneapolis, Minn., was also a guest. On Tuesday morning Brenda took Rachel to Bismarck to the airport for her return flight back to Minneapolis.

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