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2013 Class B Boys’ and Girls’ All- State Basketball teams announced

The 2012-13 North Dakota Class B All-State Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball teams were announced last week.

Class B Boys’ All-State

Members of the Class B Boys’ All-State team were Jacob Hagler (22.8 ppg., 6.8 apg., 4.7 rpg., 3.6 spg.) of North Star; Trevor Zacher (18 ppg., 6.3 rpg., 3.2 apg., 3 spg.) of Beulah; Jacob Volk (20 ppg., 6.6 rpg., 2.7 apg., 2 spg.) of Dickinson Trinity; Jordan Haseleu (23.5 ppg., 6.3 apg., 5.8 rpg., 2.1 spg.) of Maple Valley; and Tanner Holte (24.5 ppg., 10.5 rpg., 2.5 spg., 2.1 blocks per game, 50 three-pointers) of Des Lacs-Burlington.

Members of the Class B Boys’All-State Second Team were Jade Bentz (17.6 ppg., 13 rpg., 3.7 apg., 2.7 spg.) of Trenton; Ellery Bresnahan (24.8 ppg., 4.9 rpg., 7.1 apg., 3.5 spg.) of Central Cass; Briton Bussman (24.7 ppg., 7.6 rpg., 2.4 apg.) of Milnor; Daniel Grande (14.3 ppg., 5.4 rpg., 5.8 apg., 4.3 spg.) of North Star; Jeff Illies (22.1 ppg., 9.2 rpg., 2.1 apg.) of Wyndmere- Lidgerwood; Donovan Lambert (19.5 ppg., 5.3 rpg., 3 apg.) of Shiloh Christian; Houston Lavechek (27.2 ppg., 10 rpg.) of Glenburn; Austin Longie (15.8 ppg., 8.8 rpg., 3.3 apg., 2.9 spg.) of Four Winds-Minnewauken; Kris Wathne (21 ppg., 10.3 rpg.) of Griggs County Central; and Taylor Zentner (22.3 ppg., 5.1 rpg., 4.1 apg., 4 spg.) of Mott-Regent.

Jacob Hagler of North Star was selected as the State Class B Boys’Basketball Outstanding

Senior Player, and Greg Grinsteinner of Dickinson Trinity was selected as the State Class B Boys’ Basketball Coach of the Year.

2013 Class B Boys’ BB
All-State First Team

Jacob Hagler, sr., North Star; Trevor Zacher, sr., Beulah; Jacob Volk, sr., Dickinson Trinity; Jordan Haseleu, sr., Maple Valley; Tanner Holte, jr., Des Lacs-Burlington.

2013 Class B Boys’ BB
All-State Second Team

Jade Bentz, sr., Trenton; Ellery Bresnahan, sr., Central Cass; Daniel Grande, sr., North Star; Jeff Illies, sr., Wyndmere-Lidgerwood; Donovan Lambert, sr., Shiloh Christian; Houston Lavachek, sr., Glenburn; Austin Longie, sr., Four Winds- Minnewauken; Kris Wathne, sr., Griggs County Central; Taylor Zentner, sr., Mott-Regent; Briton Bussman, jr., Milnor.

Class B Girls’ All-State

Members of the Class B Girls’ All-State team were Hannah Stewart (21.9 ppg., 10.5 rpg., 4.7 spg., 3.2 bpg.) of Minot Bishop Ryan; Taylor Henningsgard (14.2 ppg., 4 rpg., 6.7 apg., 2.7 spg.) of Hillsboro/Central Valley; Hannah Breske (17.9 ppg., 6.8 rpg.) of Central Cass;Ashley Bentz (20 ppg., 10 rpg., 6 apg., 6 spg.) of Grant County; and Fallyn Freije (19.6 ppg., 9.5 rpg., 3 blocks per game) of Lakota/Adams-Edmore.

Members of the Class B Girls’All-State Second Team were Sheridon Dewald (19.5 ppg., 5.9 rpg.) and Kendra Weigel (15.6 ppg., 3.9 apg., 4 spg.), both of Napoleon; Gabbie Bohl (14.9 ppg., 5.7 rpg.) and Anika Rovig (11.1 ppg., 7.1 apg.), both of Minot Bishop Ryan; Rylee Nudell (23 ppg., 13 rpg., 3 apg., 3 spg.) of Maple Valley; Cassie Thompson (24.1 ppg., 11.2 rpg., 5.8 spg., 3.4 apg.) of Grafton; Karleigh Weber (12 ppg., 5.4 rpg., 3.8 apg., 3.1 spg.) of Thompson; Ashtin Freije (12.9 ppg., 7.9 rpg., 6 apg., 3.7 spg.) of Lakota/Adams-Edmore; Hailee Farstveet (15.5 ppg., 5.6 rpg., 4 apg., 3 spg.) of Beach; McKayla Haugeberg (15.5 ppg., 6.1 rpg., 6.1 apg., 5.8 spg.) of Watford City; and Sara Schwanke (15.6 ppg., 6.2 rpg., 3.1 apg., 3.1 spg.) of Benson County.

Hannah Breske of Central Cass and Taylor Henningsgard of Hillsboro/Central Valley were selected as the Co-State Class B Girls’ Basketball Outstanding Senior Players, and Kelly Neppl of Benson County was selected as the State Class B Girls’ Basketball Coach of the Year.

2013 Class B Girls’ BB

All-State First Team Ashley Bentz, sr., Grant County; Taylor Henningsgard, sr., Hillsboro/Central Valley; Hannah Breske, sr., Central Cass; Hannah Stewart, so., Minot Bishop Ryan; Fallyn Freije, so., Lakota/ Adams-Edmore.

2013 Class B Girls’ BB

All-State Second Team Sheridon Dewald, sr., Napoleon; Kendra Weigel, sr., Napoleon; Cassie Thompson, sr., Grafton; Ashton Freije, sr., Lakota/Adams-Edmore; McKayla Haugeberg, sr., Watford City; Sara Schwanke, sr., Benson County; Karleigh Weber, jr., Thompson; Hailee Farstveet, jr., Beach; Anika Rovig, jr., Minot Bishop Ryan; Gabbie Bohl, so., Minot Bishop Ryan; Rylee Nudell, fr., Maple Valley.

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