2013-04-11 / Top News

Candidates are nominated for BEK Board of Directors

The 2013 Nominating Committee of BEK Communications Cooperative met on Wed., Feb. 27, 2013,to nominate members of the cooperative to run for the Board of Directors for District I, District III and District IV.

Election of directors is an integral part of BEK Communications Cooperative’s Annual Meeting. Each year the member-owners of the cooperative elect directors to three-year terms.

The 2013 Nominating Committee, consisting of seven members appointed by the Board of Directors, made the following nominations:

District I—(Regan, Sterling, McKenzie, Wilton, Wing), Lois Sundquist, Wilton (incumbent) and Shane Morris, Regan.

District II—(Pettibone, Robinson, Steele, Tappen and Tuttle), no election in 2013.

District III—(Kintyre, Strasburg, Hazelton, Linton), Vickie Martin, Linton (incumbent).

District IV—( Lehr, Zeeland, Wishek, Napoleon), William (Bill) Becker, Wishek (incumbent) and John Wald, Napoleon. Wald was included in the nominating committee’s report; however, he has withdrawn his candidacy and did not accept the nomination for personal reasons.

Serving on the 2013 Nominating Committee of BEK Communications Cooperative are Laverne Rachel, Wing; Peggy Bosch, Linton; Ronald Volk, Strasburg; Steven T. Fettig, Wishek; Wayne Backman, Wilton; Michael Welder, Napoleon, and Mary Ann Gefroh, Linton.

The annual meeting of the BEK Communications Cooperative will be held on Thurs., June 13, 2013, at the Kidder County School in Steele.

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