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Linton Council approves resolutions for water system improvement projects

The Linton City Council approved three resolutions pertaining to the upcoming water system improvement project during its regular meeting on April 1.

A motion was made by Alderwoman Shelly Hauge to approve Resolution 13-4-1 (Approving engineer’s plans, specifications and estimates for water improvement project) and Resolution 13-4-2 (Directing advertisement for bids for 13-1 water system improvements).Alderwoman Tammi Sannes seconded the motion, and it carried, 5-0. (Alderman Perry Kimble was not present at the meeting).

Alderwoman Hauge also made a motion to approve a resolution authorizing undertaking for municipal improvement pursuant to Chapter 40-35, consisting of water system improvements. The motion also authorized the issuance of bonds for the water project. President Dan Imdieke seconded the motion, and it carried, 5-0.

Engineer Randy Pope of Interstate Engineering was present at the meeting, and he said bids for the project will be based on three different ways to complete the project. Pope said the bid opening for the water system improvement project is scheduled for May 3, 2013.

The council also:

• Heard from (James) Ray Coffman, who told the council he opened a new tattoo business, Sinister Ink, in the former Cabin Creek Coffee & Consignment building, located along U.S. Highway 83 on the northwest side of Linton. Coffman told the council that the building has been inspected, and he was issued a permit by the North Dakota Department of Health.

• Heard from the Rev. Cori Waisanen, on behalf of the Emmons County Ministerial Association. Rev. Waisanen told the council she was expressing concern from local parishes about tar patching on Broadway Street.

Rev. Waisanen said her parish, the United Methodist Church, installed new carpeting last year, and had to pay professional cleaners on two occasions to clean up the tar that was brought in by parishioners. Rev. Waisanen said the same problem has occurred at the First Baptist Church and St. Anthony Catholic Church, which are also located on Broadway.

Rev. Waisanen said the Ministerial Association has agreed to purchase materials to cover the tar strips across the streets in front of the respective churches, and she asked for the council’s approval. Linton City Foreman Bob Job told Waisanen that covering the tar lines with paper is just a temporary fix, and will also be time-consuming. Job suggested that the Ministerial Association use sand (provided free of charge) from the City shop, and pack it into the cracks as soon as they are covered with tar.

Job said the City covers the streets on Broadway with a layer of sand right after the streets are tarred, but the sand is not packed into the cracks, and eventually gets moved by the wind or traffic. Rev. Waisanen said she would relay this information to the Ministerial Association, and each church involved should find parish members to complete the project on the streets in front of their parishes.

• Heard from Fran Potts, who asked the council if something can be done to curb the use of “jake” brakes on U.S. Highway 83. Potts, who lives on the northwest side of Linton, said semi-truck traffic has increased on Highway 83, and she complained about the noise the trucks make when the jake brake is applied while coming down a hill on the north side of Linton.

Linton City Attorney Donald Becker told Potts the council has dealt with this issue before, and some of the solutions included lowering the speed limit further out of City limits, and implementing a noise ordinance within the City of Linton. Becker said the North Dakota Dept. of Transportation would need to take action in order for the speed limit to be lowered, and the City could not do anything without the approval of the NDDOT.

Alderman Dennis Morris said jake brakes are a safety issue, but if they are a nuisance to residents in City limits, there should be something the council can do to eliminate their use in town. Morris said there are other communities he knows of that have ordinances prohibiting the use of jake brakes within their City limits.

Emmons County Sheriff Gary Sanders said the grade of the hill outside of Linton is not extreme, and drivers have enough distance to gear down without the use of a jake brake. Sanders said a majority of the drivers use the jake brake simply to “hear it roar.”

Attorney Becker said he will contact the North Dakota DOT to find out what options the City has to eliminate, or at least diminish the use of jake brakes within City limits.

• Took no action on a new ordinance pertaining to mailbox clusters. The City is currently working with the U.S. Postal Service to implement a new mailbox ordinance.

• Unanimously approved a tax abatement for 2011 and 2012 for Richard Spaeth. Alderman Morris made a motion to approve the abatement, with a second by President Imdieke.

• Unanimously approved a motion made by Alderman Gary Hulm, and seconded by Alderwoman Hauge to approve building permits for Dennis Morris ($40,000 for new garden shed), Gerald Schatz ($2,500 for metal roof on home), and Loren and Kayla Hendrickson ($3,500 for new siding, a door and basement carpeting). The vote was 4-0, with Alderman Morris abstaining.

•Approved a liquor license transfer from the Happy Hour Bar to the Emmons County Memorial Auditorium for American Legion meeting on April 11. President Imdieke made a motion to approve the transfer, with a second by Alderman Morris. The motion carried, 5-0.

• Approved the installation of a sign for Scherr’s Meats on City property along Highway 83 and three signs located along Highway 83 for Webo’s Restaurant & Lounge. All signs are located in commercially zoned areas. Alderman Morris made a motion to approve the sites for the signs, and Alderwoman Hauge seconded. The motion carried, 5-0.

• Scheduled the Tax Equalization meeting for Tuesday, April 9, at 5 p.m.

• Scheduled the next regular meeting for Monday, May 6, at 5 p.m.

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