2013-04-11 / Top News

Rural Communications Academy will be held at BSC June 17-21

Ever think about a chal- lenging, high skilled career in the Telecommunications industry? Here is your chance to find out if this is something you’re interested in. Join many other students with the same interest at the 2013 Rural Communications Academy (RCA) in Bismarck, and try the new hands-on activities and program.

The Rural Communications Academy will be held in the Bismarck Public Schools Career Academy building on the campus of Bismarck State College, June 17-21. Several agencies have partnered together to offer this opportunity to current 8th- 11th graders. These agencies include Bismarck Public Schools, Bismarck State College, Telecom Training & Safety, BEK Communications and several other local independent telephone companies throughout the region.

Those attending the academy will be introduced to the new skills of emerging networks including: fiber optic and wired data transport, internet-protocol based television (IPTV) and more. Classroom activities will focus on theory and hands-on activities designed to build knowledge and insight into telecommunications.

Deadline for applications is April 19, 2013.

The Bismarck State College Foundation will be offering $1,000 scholarships in related studies to three students attending the academy.

This is a unique opportunity for students to learn more about telecommunications career fields. For more information regarding the Rural Communications Academy, contact your school counselor or Tammy Heick, Academy Coordinator at (701) 250- 7911 (Telecom Training & Safety) or tammyh@telecomtrainingsafety.com.

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