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Something for everyone at 4-H camp
By Acacia Stuckle Extension Agent, Emmons and Kidder Counties acacia.stuckle@ndsu.edu • 701-254-4811

North Dakota 4-H Camp ( formerly Western 4- H Camp) Washburn is offering several new camps this summer, as well as familiar camps from the past.

Youth can experience everything from Dutch oven cooking, to archery, horseback riding to hiking. 4-H Camp has something for everyone.

But 4-H camp isn’t just for 4-H members.

Some parents think that because the name of the facility is 4-H camp you have to be a member of 4-H to attend. Not so. All youth are welcome to attend. We have had youth attend from five states, including Washington.

Registration for this summer’s camps started March 1. Here are the dates and age groups for the camps:

• May 28-June 1: Livestock Camp, 8 and older; Wish I Had a Horse camp, 8 to 10.

• June 2-6: Outdoor Adventure for Military Youth, 8 to 12; Barrel and Pole Camp, 8 and older; Horsemanship Camp, 8 and older.

• June 9-13: 4-HAdventure Camp, 8 to 12; Advanced Wish I had a Horse Camp, 10 to 12.

• June 14-16: Camp 48 Hours, 13 and older.

• June 16-20: Shooting Sports Camp, 11 and older.

• June 23-27: Survivor Outdoor Recreation Camp, 10 to 14.

• July 7-11: 4-HAdventure Camp, 8 to 12; Trail Riding Camp, 8 and older.

• July 11-13: Family Fun Camp, 6 and older.

• July 14-18: Military Youth Camp I, 8 to 11; Military Youth Camp II, 12 to 15.

• July 28-Aug. 1: 4-H Adventure Camp, 8 to 12.

• Aug. 1- 3: Discover Camp, 8 to 11; Great Outdoors Camp, 8 to 11.

• Aug. 4 – 8: 4-HAdventure Camp, 8 to 12.

Check out a fun way to make friends, explore the outdoors and learn new skills at North Dakota 4-H Camp.

For more information on each camp or to register, visit www.ndsu.edu/4h/camp or contact me at 254-4811 or email acacia.stuckle@ndsu.edu.

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