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Do you have low back pain?

In writing this column for the past two years, I have written about the effects of having subluxations at the different levels of your spinal column. Your nerves control and coordinate every function of your body. If you have a subluxation or nerve interference at any vertebra, it will affect how well your whole body is functioning. This week I will share information with you about the nerves located at the bottom two Lumbar (L) vertebrae, L4 and L5, and the sacrum which is commonly called the tailbone.

According to the Neuro- Anatomy Chart, the nerves at L4 are the primary nerve supply from the brain to the colon or large intestines. The function of the colon is to remove toxins from your body, so an inability to do so can cause more health problems related to bowel toxicity because the body isn’t releasing toxins normally. Diarrhea, constipation, coated tongue, headaches and ulcerative colitis could indicate that you could have a subluxation at L4.

Irritation at L5 is often the cause of chronic low back pain and can affect the reproductive organs and cause infertility and menstrual problems in females and prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate gland in men. Neurological disturbance at L5 can also be associated with nervous leg syndrome, urinary difficulties, mood swings and feelings of incomplete bowel evacuation. Because the nerves at this level affect the hormones, a subluxation at this can affect many other bodily functions and systems.

The Sacrum, or what is usually called the tailbone, is a triangular shaped bone at the bottom of the spine. When we are children, the sacrum actually has five segments that eventually fuse together into a single, large bone. The nerves located here provide the primary nerve supply from the brain to the male and female reproductive system, the bladder and urethra. A subluxation at the sacrum is often found when a patient has complaints of health problems from sexual dysfunction to hip problems, and lower back pain. Many patients have an unlevel pelvis, which can affect the rest of your body up to your head. This would be like building your house on a twisted foundation. This affects the function of the entire nervous system since there is likely abnormal circulation of the cerebro-spinal fluid which can affect your brain function.

Your nerves are like electrical wiring from your brain to all parts of the body. The spinal vertebrae are the protection around those nerves. When the body experiences physical, chemical, emotional and/or environmental stress beyond its ability to cope, it can cause a subluxation or nerve irritation. This then leads to improper function of the tissue or organ that these nerves supply and can cause sickness and disease. Everyone should be sure to have their nervous system checked by a chiropractor on a regular basis.

Dr. Charles Weigel
Total Life Chiropractic
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