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By Edward F. Keller, D.D.S.
1732 Golf Drive Bismarck, ND 58503


My childhood, Strasburg, North Dakota, farm house in the 1920s and 1930s had linoleum floor covering in almost every room. The smooth shiny surface of it, especially when new, was soft and kind to my bare feet. Linoleum was easy to sweep. It was waterproof and easy to scrub. It waxed and polished to a lustrous sheen. When new, the sweet rubbery scent of it pleasured my nose. The various interesting color patterns at times seem like a huge checkerboard… and sometimes it had many flowers.

Getting new linoleum was exciting. It made the whole house new and brought urgings from mother, “Keep this one clean.” Left-over pieces of the floor covering became counter and tabletop covering.

Linoleum is made from a mixture of powdered cork, linseed oil, gum from evergreen trees (the pine smell), resin and sometimes color pigment. The blend is spread evenly on burlap and pressed. Linoleum floor cover was a great comfort at my childhood farm house. It makes me happy just to think of it. We bought it in rolls at Kremer’s Hardware Store in Linton.

Till next time.

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