2013-04-18 / Top News

Diesel fuel users are urged to top off their tanks now

The North Dakota Petroleum Marketers Association is asking industrial and commercial users of diesel fuel to consider topping off all their storage tanks.

Mike Rud, President of the association which represents the petroleum distributors and retailers in North Dakota, suggests as the cold weather lingers in the state it appears likely that all the spring planting and various industrial activities will start up at once.

Rud said while demand for diesel is currently a bit low in the region, supply needs will likely jump dramatically within the next month.

Rud stresses experts feel early season demand for diesel could even exceed the crunch witnessed for product over prior years.

Supply issues could be compounded by maintenance at Montana, Minnesota, Kansas and other refineries across the Midwest as spring and summer progress, making it difficult for refiners to quickly ramp production back up to needed levels.

He believes the Midwest is quickly approaching a heavy increase in gasoline demand as well as the summer driving season nears.

Rud stresses while there is no need to panic at this point it would be wise for those consumers using large amounts of diesel fuel to fill up tankage now. This would go a long way to ensuring they won’t be held up by potential supply issues when the spring work kicks into high gear. It would also alleviate some of the pressure on petroleum distributors and retailers as demand peaks.

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