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Marissa Leier wins 4-H Scholarship

Marissa Leier Marissa Leier Marissa Leier, a freshman at North Dakota State University, Fargo, has received the 2013 Emmons County 4-H Scholarship in the amount of $200.

The scholarship is given annually to past 4-H members who are presently enrolled in college.

Marissa’s awards and activities include Key Club Award, several showmanship and round robin wins, part of North Dakota State Dairy Judging team that went to Nationals and part of runner-up Livestock Judging team that went to Denver Stock Show.

Marissa is the daughter of Larry and Ross Leier of Hague.

Below is the story that Marissa wrote as part of her application.

What 4-H has done to influence plans for my future

By Marissa Leier

4-H can mean something different to everyone. For some it may be just another club that their mom made them join, or maybe a simple summer project. For me 4-H was much more.

Throughout my 11 years as a member of the Creekamer’s 4-H Club of Emmons County, I have gained countless skills and qualities that will stick with me for the rest of my life. Responsibility, caring, confidence, leadership and decision making are just to name a few. These five qualities/skills have made a significant difference in my life and a very positive influence on my plans for the future.

Each year, as a 4-H member, I showed livestock. Every summer was centered around my animals. Feeding, watering, training and grooming took up a lot of time, but all of that was needed to ensure that they would be ready for the show. It was a big responsibility to care for my livestock projects. That responsibility that 4-H has instilled in me is irreplaceable.

Caring is also a big part of showing livestock. My 4-H projects all became my pets. They weren’t just another head of livestock. They were extra cared for, respected and loved. After show season, when I would walk into the pasture, my animals would come toward me. I could call their names, and they would respond. That assured me that I did a good job caring for them. Caring for my 4-H animals has made me a better person.

All of those years and shows have given me great confidence. Through 4-H, I realized that I didn’t need to be an all-star athlete to be good at something. When I was handed that purple ribbon, showmanship plaque and other awards, I felt just as good as a basketball player making the winning shot.

Another skill 4-H has given me is leadership. I gained this through leading 4-H club meetings, being a session leader for the dairy farm tour and assisting with livestock judging. These leadership skills will stick with me through life.

Last but not least, it has given me decision-making skills. I learned this through dairy judging and livestock judging. Having to quickly make a decision so that you can begin writing reasons puts pressure on a person, but when you have the skills it only makes a person better. This is a skill I use in everyday life and will continue to use in the future.

4-H has instilled in me all of these things and more. It has also influenced me to study animal science at NDSU. I am a proud member of the collegiate 4-H club, dairy club and the saddle and sirloin club. I also will be part of the dairy judging team next year.

Thank you 4-H for making me the person I am today and helping me develop skills that I will use the rest of my life.

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