2013-04-25 / Community News

Good News

from the Emmons County Ministerial Association
Rev. Dr. Albert R. Leary Strasburg

The Risen Christ—The

Only Gate

There is a story that Euclid, the great geometer and mathematician of the third century before Christ, was engaged by the royal family to tutor the young heir to the throne.

Patiently, Euclid went over the steps of proving the first few theorems of geometry, but the prince was having a great deal of trouble following the process. Finally the prince burst out in utter frustration, “Is there no simple way you can get to the point? Surely the crown prince need not be expected to concern himself with such minutiae.”

Euclid quietly but firmly replied, “Sire, there is no royal road to learning.”

Sometimes we look at the Gospel from our modern, sophisticated perspective and quietly dismiss what Jesus says as too unrealistic or too simplistic to deal with the complex problems we must deal with. We are more interested in high-tech answers to our high-tech problems than to be concerned with such “minutiae” like love for one another… forgiveness… compassion… justice. But, to paraphrase Euclid, there is no “high-tech” road to the Gospel“ there is no comfortable, easy road to living the Gospel, the Risen Christ is the only “gate” through which we have life to the fullest.

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