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By Edward F. Keller, D.D.S.
1732 Golf Drive Bismarck, ND 58503

Why I Write

During the spring of 1938 on my Strasburg, N.D., farm we had two extra horses. Of the eleven horses we had, four were needed to pull the seed drill and five to pull the two bottom gang plow. These two teams were operated by my two older brothers. To utilize all of our horse power my father activated an old onebottom, two horse walking plow. With the reins over his shoulder and his hands on the guiding handles my father walked hundreds of miles in the fresh furrows that spring. I was eleven years old and loved walking behind my father in these fresh furrows, talking to him about everything I could think of. One day I told him that I had heard on the radio that 1938 was going to be a bumper crop. We prayed for that every night. His answer was,“Eddie,some day you will become somebody.” I have never forgotten the exact spot in the 40 acre field behind the barn, where my father said these words… I thought of my father’s words. All through my high school and college days and dental school days. Every time I visited my farm birthplace I pass that field behind the barn. Last year the renter turned the field from CRP to corn. Part of that field has a steep hill. I always felt so sorry to see the horses pull a plow or push a header up that hill… and so did my father when he rested them half the way up.

This little story, so full of positives needs to be told. It had and still has great worth. All adults: parents, teachers, grandparents, priests, ministers, pastors, governors, presidents, neighbors, aunts, uncles or godparents have said significant memorable print worthy things that have had influence on children. To put some of these on paper is to leave a worthwhile legacy. I write to satisfy a craving to tell somebody of my experiences. They helped me grow and could help future children. Writing also serves me as a catharsis, a purging of emotions, the art of creating a story. Paper is patient. Someone will enjoy and benefit from it.

Till next time.

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