2013-05-02 / Community News


By Brenda Nolz

Jim, Marie and Mark Feist went to Bismarck on Friday to visit with Dennis Feist at the hospital. Dennis had surgery on Thursday. They also visited with Dennis’ family at the hospital.

Friday Kristen Scherr and Konnor Reis came from Fargo to the Scherr farm around noon. Later that evening Alisha, Willie and Kaydence came home to the farm. The weekend was spent repairing a rafter in the small shed that the heavy snow took down during the April 15 blizzard. Sunday everyone returned back to Fargo.

Weekend guest at the Bill and Millie Wald home was Twila Nohrenberg of Horace. On Saturday Twila and Millie attended the wedding of Brandon and Carly Schilling at Wishek. Twila went home on Sunday.

Jim, Marie and Mark Feist were at Bismarck on Tuesday. Jim had a doctor appointment.

Pat and Sharon Wolf hosted an 86th birthday party for Rose Nolz. Birthday guests included Brenda and Eugene Nolz, Helen and Ray Wolf and Frank and Frances Weigel.

Eugene, Brenda and Andy Nolz attended the wedding of Carly Fettig and Brandon Schilling at Wishek.

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